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Jazz Standards for Solo Guitar: You Took Advantage of Me

Updated on April 3, 2010

Solo Classical Guitar Arrangement by Raun Seymour Cole

Here is my own solo guitar arrangement for the great jazz standard "You Took Advantage of Me" by Rogers and Hart. This is a real catchy tune, quite possibly the song I enjoy playing most out of all my arrangements (which will follow in other articles). I consider it lower-medium difficulty.

By the way, please take a second to "visit" (a.k.a. click a couple of times) the ads on the site, it gives me a couple of cents each time, so it helps me put more transcriptions and exercises like these up for you to play!!

Joe Pass and Ella Fitzgerald played a superb version of this on "Fitzgerald and Pass...Again", you might want to add this cd to your collection by the way, it's an absolute classic. There's only the two of them on the record, which makes for an intimate and expressive setting. There is so much to learn from the way Joe Pass treats comping to Ella's singing, I must have listened to this Pass/Fitzgerald record hundreds of times... honestly...




***ps REVISED with fingerings and chord symbols!! March 17 2010... Happy St Patty's Day!... reminds me... where's my beer?)

"Active Sheet Music" video of "You Took Advantage of Me", arranged by R. Seymour Cole

You Took Advantage of Me -- page 1

Great Items by Joe Pass and Ella Fitzgerald

You Took Advantage of Me -- page 2

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