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Jeff, Who Lives at Home: Film Review

Updated on November 9, 2012

Jeff, Who Lives at Home : Film Review

Jeff, who lives at home is a 2011 film starring Jason Segel as the unemployed 30 year old who stills lives at home. Jeff's mother Sharon is played by Susan Sarandon and his brother Pat played by Ed Helms. The film is about Jeff and his search for meaning in his life and his belief in signs and that everything happens for a reason, in the film jeff’s mother and brother also exprience life changing realisations.


I orginally borrowed this film from the video store because i thought, as it starred Jason Segel ,it would be a comedy, although the film does have many comedic elements, I wouldent recommend it if you want big laughs. The film is a quirky film and not what you would expect, i think the film is quite well written and the characters are quite intersting , but the main problem is that the film especially in the beginning is very slow going and only becomes really engaging towards the end, despite this if you are interested in a quirky almost coming of age type film its worth a watch, just be aware that it is slow paced and takes a while to get into.

3 stars for Jeff, Who Lives at Home


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