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Jenelle Evans Makes Crazy Demands For MTV Return

Updated on October 27, 2017

Jenelle Evans is an OG of the Teen Mom 2 franchise. Maybe that's why she feels she can threaten MTV with quitting unless they meet her demands.

Jenelle and her now husband David Eason have had a volatile relationship on TV and they are blaming it all on how they are being portrayed. This is truly an excuse even though there is editing in television. They can only take from you what you are giving them. Jenelle has recently stated that she wanted to quit the show because the show is hurting her family and mental health.

She wants MTV to change the editing to show her story in the right way. I personally find this annoying because none of the other cast members who have had embarrassing issues shown on TV aren't making such demands. Jenelle believes MTV is purposely creating drama that just isn't really there. She has text messaged the producers and creators and let them know if they don't treat her right she won't return. She told People Magazine "I blocked their numbers, they can email me if they want, like I said I'll focus on my own family from now on."

This was sparked by a recent episode that sparked claims of abuse from the way David appears to treat her children.

I'll insert my opinion right here. You are under 26 years old with three kids by three different guys and you have a history of drug abuse and an extensive police record for violence. You obviously are the reason MTV wants to keep you but don't be bigger than your britches. If you start making demands for MTV to make you look good than all the other cast members should too and the rating will go down. I hope MTV will fire her and find another Jenelle, I'm sure there is sadly a lot of them out there.

"You can show the fights but don't try to create drama when there wasn't a fight."

Jenelle Evans and David Eason To Get Wedding Spinoff?

Teen Mom 2 will feature Jenelle and David's backyard wedding on MTV even though she had threatened to quit the show. Jenelle hinted on social media that she is excited for her fans to see her upcoming wedding and continually posts pictures with the hashtag #fromevanstoeason. Sounds like a title for a new reality show to me!


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