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Jennifer Aniston Uses Chelsea Handler To Bash Angelina Jolie

Updated on September 12, 2012

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry website, Jennifer Aniston is using Chelsea Handler to bash Angelina Jolie. Apparenty Jennifer Aniston is bitter and unhappy and she is having her close friend do her dirty work.

I happen to disagree with this in some ways. I feel like Jennifer Aniston may be enjoying the fact that Chelsea is saying these things, but I am not sure about her being unhappy. She seems to be plenty happy with her new fiance and she is clearly getting on with her life.

I think people are being too judgemental of Jennifer Aniston. She was completely blindsided when Brad Pitt went behind her back and got together with Angelina Jolie while they were still married. In a sense I understand that you cannot control love. However, I feel like Brad and Angelina should have been a lot more discreet about their relationship instead of being all over the tabloids and rubbing it in everyone's face.

I am sure at that time Jennifer Aniston was feeling isolated and confused. She probably did not know where to turn. Like any fragile woman she might have been filled with self doubts. If she hated Angelina and Brad, well I cannot blame her. I would have felt the same way.

The sad thing is that in this world the meanest people are often looked upon as heroes. So Jennifer Aniston had to give up her good girl act and become all sexy in her Wanderlust film. She did get herself a man as a result, but I feel she went about it the wrong way. She did exactly as Angelina Jolie did to her. She stole him away from a long term relationship.

Jennifer Aniston should have stuck to her morals. Being a good girl is not so bad. It takes courage to be a good person in a world where being nice in uncool. As far as Chelsea saying rude things about Angelina, I think she mostly says them because she hates her herself. The fact that she likes Jennifer Aniston just adds fuel to the fire.

Angelina Jolie does do a lot of good things, but I am afraid that she does them for the wrong reasons. Adopting children from foreign lands and going on political missions for the sake of getting famous is not altruism, it is egotism. It is actually shameful.

I think if anything else, the real culprit here are the men who will leave their wives just because they cannot have everything their way. Selfishness is the real reason why Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux left their long term relationships to be with other women. Who is to say these man will not do the same thing again? Where does this attitude leave the women they are currently with? The truth is that you cannot build your own happiness on the misery of other people. Karma will always come back to haunt you!


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