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How the movie "Passengers starring Jennifer Lawrence" was a life changing event for me

Updated on July 23, 2017
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Ara is currently an Accounting student at Glendale Community College in Glendale. CA. He enjoys writing about a variety of topics.

How Jennifer Lawrence and the Movie Passengers Changed Me

Religion and celebrities may not always go together. But for one famous Hollywood actress, this may be the case. This next article will try to focus on a celebrity who is religious and how one of her movies helped to change my life. That celebrity is actress Jennifer Lawrence! Actually, I would say that since I saw Lawrence’s movie Passengers, I have had a sort of revival within me, as if I am a different person. Lawrence’s beauty in the Passengers movie made me develop a sort of admiration that I did not have about her before. I did not even know that she is so devoted to praying. Lawrence who is now 26, revealed in a 2012 interview with Marie Claire Magazine about her religious upbringing as she was growing up. Lawrence said: “In the South it’s very normal. It would be weird for me to go to sleep without praying (Barksdale 2015). It is easy to assume that GOD probably had a role in Jennifer Lawrence’s decision to become an actress. Which leads us to this next crucial point. The next part of this article is how GOD has helped me realize how to deal with anger and resentment so that life can change.. Some of this may make sense to some of you or not. Then, the focus will shift to some of the activities that Jennifer Lawrence has been involved with. We spend so much time idolizing Hollywood celebrities mostly for their looks that most of us often overlook the good things that some of them do. Watching the movie Passengers probably didn’t save my life in the literal sense but it made me realize that falling in love quickly can happen. I first heard about Lawrence when I saw the movie X-Men: Days of Future Past. In brief, this article can be thought of as a sort of tribute to Jennifer Lawrence and how her latest movie has the impact to change a person's life. But obviously, the focus will be on how one of my favorite movies Passengers was a life changing event.

Jennifer Lawrence in Spain

Actress Jennifer Lawrence attends a photo session for the movie Passengers in Madrid, Spain in November 2016.
Actress Jennifer Lawrence attends a photo session for the movie Passengers in Madrid, Spain in November 2016. | Source

What GOD is like and How This Had An Effect on Me

He (GOD) knows things that we do not and cannot ever know. It is said that God is so powerful that he knows everything. Many people say that God has a plan for all of us. Not everyone believes in God and I understand that. But for those of you that believe in Him and trust Him, He is always there for you. God always helps us out whenever we ask Him. He may not answer us at that moment but eventually God gives us a reply. God shows us the way to what we are looking for. I have been raised as a Christian and there is a God out there. Someone out there is looking after you and watching over you even if you don’t really believe it or follow the Bible.

Did GOD enable this writer to develop a sort of fascination and admiration for Jennifer Lawrence? That's a likely and accurate assumption. This writer remembers one night where he was so overcome with emotion that he needed help to try and get rid of his anger and resentment. Shortly after praying to GOD, I could really feel as if that barrier had been lifted. I had been struggling for the longest time because I had felt that much of the Southern United States was ignorant, backward, and racist. While it is true that the Southern states were part of the Confederacy and really made lots of money because of the institution of slavery, to assume that all Southerners were associated with racism is a big generalization. My story is an example that GOD has the power to comfort and heal you if you have faith in HIM.

Jennifer Lawrence Criticizes Christians

However, Lawrence stirred up controversy during an interview for the December 2015 edition of Vogue Magazine. The subject of Kim Davis was brought up at the time of the interview. For those of you that do not remember, Kim Davis was a county clerk in Kentucky that went to jail because she refused to sign wedding licenses for gay and lesbian couples. Lawrence who became noticeably upset during the interview saying that Davis made her become embarrassed that she is from Kentucky. Lawrence also questioned whether the United States has even come as far as it has. Lawrence said: “I was raised a Republican, but I just can’t imagine supporting a party that doesn’t support women’s basic rights. It’s 2015 and gay people can get married and we think that we’ve come so far, so, yay! But have we? I don’t want to stay quiet about that stuff,” (Judge 2015). Lawrence is the highest paid actress in Hollywood and is very talented but you have to admire the fact that she is a big supporter of women’s rights.

Jennifer Lawrence in London (December 2016)


The movie Passengers can be a life changing movie for people

I always knew that Lawrence could potentially be a fan favorite due to her beautiful eyes, great lips, and overall sexy figure. Though I will say that actress Scarlett Johansson is sexier while Jennifer Lawrence is cuter. There is a quick review of the movie Passengers itself to bring up how the movie changed my life.

Jennifer Lawrence Wins An Oscar for Her Role in Silver Linings Playbook

A review of the movie Passengers

It is basically a movie about a man that is asleep in a hibernation pod in a star ship that is on its way to another planet. The journey is expected to take 120 years but the man Jim Prentiss (played by Chris Pratt) experiences a malfunction and is awakened 30 years later. So that means that every passenger on the ship has to wait another 90 years to get to this other planet. The movie is also very high tech featuring a bar that a bartender can get a customer a drink very fast. Lawrence's character Aurora Lane is furious when she finds out that she was awakened early and there is much tension that results between the two people that are in love. When Aurora dives into the swimming pool for a swim, the ship suddenly starts shaking due to a loss of pressure. Jim dies and has to be revived and in the end, it ends well. That's what love can do to people. Love has the power to change lives and unite people together and Passengers definitely changed my life.

I bring up the point about the movie to say that the movie is an inspiration for me because watching it made me have a totally different perspective on life. It made me realize that love can happen at any time and that you love the person and not necessarily their background. This was also a life changing moment in a sense and can be for other people as well because you realize that not every Southerner is a racist. That is the most important lesson that I can learn and hopefully this experience can help others. Whether Jennifer Lawrence is a true Christian or not, her dedication to women’s rights and her love of children are very admirable qualities that will make her stand out as a special celebrity.

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Passengers Movie Trailer (Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt)


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