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Jennifer Lopez Puts a 6 Million Dollar Price Tag On Her Babies

Updated on October 13, 2009

As a follow up to this hub, here's another on Jennifer Lopez, who of course, is also trying to make a photo deal for pictures of her own children when they arrive. Jennifer Lopez is to be the mother of twins, and has decided that she will sell the first pictures of them to a lucky magazine for a cool 6 million dollars.

I thought it was bad enough when she made a conscious decision to use the fur from animals that had been electrocuted, beaten, and sometimes skinned alive in her fashion line, but apparently her predatory money making instincts also extend to her own spawn.

It would make sense for a person of 'normal' income to perhaps be tempted to sell pictures of their children, after all, for most of us 6 million dollars would be enough to retire on. But Jennifer Lopez and Marc Antony have so much money between them that it is quite likely that 6 million dollars would not go very far at all, in fact, it is likely that to J Lo, 6 million is merely a nice weekend away, or perhaps a week at a stretch.

Why get so up in arms at this practice of selling baby pictures? Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got more than four million dollars for the pictures of Shiloh, after all. Then again, Angelina and Brad donated all that money to charity, something I doubt Jennifer Lopez will do.

Jennifer Lopez has based her career on appearing to be that which she is not. Her 'Jenny from the block' persona rang untrue when it turned out that she was in fact from quite an upmarket neighborhood, and she rejected the Latin community that had raised her up by refusing to promote her most recent album in any Latin music stores. Her use of fur is morally indefensible and utterly despicable, and the use of it in her fashion line ensures that the torture and killing of small animals will continue into the future. Simply put, Jennifer Lopez's actions, and her demonstrated disregard for what is right or fair can only lead one to believe that she is an incredibly nasty piece of work who will do or say anything to turn a dollar.

That said, it makes sense entirely that she would sell pictures of her babies to the highest bidder, demanding exorbitant amounts of money for them. There is sure to be a magazine that will pay for those pictures, so the real question is why will we (the general public) buy those magazines with those pictures in them? Why will we continue to support an industry that does nothing but exploit and destroy? Are we truly so shallow and star struck that we care nothing for the character or actions of a person but support them merely because they can hold a note and shake their large ass in time to the beat?

Jennifer Lopez's twins may be about to grow up with the best of everything, but it is still hard not to feel sorry for them.


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    • Maylinda Arons profile image

      Maylinda Arons 9 years ago

      Wow, ok, she had me fooled with that Jenny from the Block bit. What a hypocrite. Yuck.