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Jennifer Nettles and J Rome Duets Performances

Updated on May 25, 2012

J Rome is a singer with a large subscriber base of over 100,000 on YouTube. From what his bio on the ABC Duets website says, he does not seem to have a career in live singing. J Rome is a full-time student at the moment. He is one of 8 contestants on the new Duets TV show. Each one gets a celebrity duet partner, and J Rome has country singer Jennifer Nettles, who is a member of Sugarland. The other participating celebrity singers are John Legend, Robin Thicke, and Kelly Clarkson.

J Rome seems to be inspired by pop and soul singers, so it seems funny that he is paired with a country singer. But maybe I am not giving these two enough credit. I will certainly reserve judgment and see how they gel and what song choices they make when they duet on TV.

As the show progresses, I will post a review of each duet performed by Jennifer and J Rome. It is not clear how many duets they will sing or the date of their performances. So check back here every Thursday after the Duets broadcasts or Friday to get update on J Rome and Jennifer on Duets.

I have uploaded a YouTube video of J Rome singing Adele's "Someone Like You." If this guy sings like this, I don't know how he can win. It is super generic R&B with no originality.


On May 24, 2012, J Rome and Jennifer performed "Tonight." They got the highest score among the eight competitors.


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