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Jerry Garcia: Speaking From The Grave?

Updated on June 16, 2012

Yes, it happens, laugh all you want

We've all heard about Jerry Garcia speaking from the other side to stoned hippies, fanatic deadheads, or kids in college dorms. It became cliche for some, over-said, really just quite ridiculous. But for others, no. I was skeptical, if not embarrassed at first when others would say this to me, (pardon the pun) dead seriously. I never saw the Dead live, never became overly fanatical, but I found over time I would keep coming back to their music, keep getting chills, keep admiring the compassion and wisdom that could still speak to me across the passages of time, space, and identity. One day, it happened.

I hadn't planned on it. I wasn't at a party, intoxicated, or anything of the sort. I was only driving down the road on an average day in a big city. A classic rock radio station, for some reason, played "Ripple." It had always been my favorite song of the band, yet I'd never heard it on the radio. "The gold of sunshine," did infuse my mood, and I "held the words as if they were my own." I just felt grateful. I said, aloud, unconsciously, "thank you Jerry," and a flood of positive feeling hit me, as if coming from outside, from an angle above my car window. Since that experience, I began saying it, almost to the point that a superstition had turned into a pious ceremony. I had to acknowledge its presence. And every time, there is a response from somewhere that I can't explain, an energy coming through, swirling in, opening the chest cavity into a spring of grateful awareness.

I don't tell many people this. If ever. When I do, they usually laugh, look at me strange, or whatnot. But there are plenty out there, who upon hearing my experiences, never dream of questioning their validity....they just proceed to tell me their own stories.

Thank you, Jerry.


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    • ramerican profile image

      ramerican 5 years ago

      there is a road, no simple highway...:)

    • profile image

      Nahn 5 years ago

      I'm gonna go down this road and feelin' bad will turn into a tribute shortly, played in honor of the man that unknowingly changed my life and inspired me to play guitar as he did and still does. I'll be in Europe in '72 for a bit ' goin' down the road' before I travel back to current day. Auspicious, that at least a few of Chief Justice Robert's Vertebrae grew some albeit, fragile balls.

      We travel the road together, like it or not.

      Rock on!

    • ramerican profile image

      ramerican 5 years ago

      ...if I knew the way, I would take YOU home!

    • Radcliff profile image

      Liz Davis 5 years ago from Hudson, FL

      Thank you, Jerry, indeed!

      Let there be songs to fill the air :)