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Jerry Lewis Class Act to Follow

Updated on April 29, 2016
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I've written, contributed to several books on film. I like to share the insights of the business as best I can for those who appreciate it.

Jerry Lewis will always be a true class act that is very hard to follow. He has been followed by many, many comedians. Watch his movies and you will see several similarities among our funny guys today. Eddie Murphy, the late Robin Williams and Jim Carrey have learned from Lewis.

They followed Lewis’s madcap acting because it looks simple and yet divine. Lewis skill is truly a skill most performers would consider daunting to give it a try. Lewis upbringing in a vaudevillian family gave him courage to perform the madcap characters we’ve come to know. His father did a great impersonation of Al Jolson on stage.

Nutty Professor

The Nutty Professor is ingenious to say the least. The Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde theme is a true comedy classic. The movie boasts the unbelievable comedic range of Lewis. He plays a ridiculous buck tooth professor with an exaggerated low self-confidence.

Stella Stevens arouses his curiosity as Miss Purdy, one of his students. The professor tackles the curiosity by stumbling on a potion. The potion changes him into a more than usually arrogant but good looking man. He is not longer the sensitive professor that Miss Purdy so adores.

Hangover Scene

The movie is worth watching until the end. This movie is available as a 50th Anniversary package from Warner Bros. The DVD includes bloopers, deleted scenes and other outtakes. The package also includes Jerry Lewis phone calls, which are fantastic and hilarious. The CD is filled with private prank calls secretly recorded by Lewis.

Topnotch story with unreal range of comic talent, Jerry Lewis as not only a goofy buck tooth professor but he turns on the charms as an arrogant, handsome genetic after thought. Stella Stevens is dynamite and holds her own with Lewis’ mercurial acting. by He finds that one of his gorgeous students Miss Purdy played well by Stella Stevens takes some sort of interest to him. As the professor he stumbles on a potion that can change his genetics into an overly arrogant good looking man who lacks the one thing that would win Purdy over.

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