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Jersey Shore Final Season

Updated on October 8, 2012

Since December of 2009 you have seen the guidos and meatballs on MTV's Jersey Shore. You have seen the laughs and the drama. Now what was the once number one show is slowly coming to an end.

Jersey Shore The Final Season aired on Thursday October 4th at 10pm on MTV. There were hour long episodes back to back. If you have seen it you can tell that a lot has changed since it first started.

Snookie is no longer party girl, now she is pregnant and has to give up the life she once loved. Mike "The Situation" just got out of rehab and is trying to stay sober. Deana has a boyfriend and is making him a priority. Vinnie wants to be celibete this season.

What will happen? Only you could find out. So this Thursday at 10pm be sure to watch two more back to back episodes of Jersey Shore on MTV.


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