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Jersey Shore, a Guilty Pleasure

Updated on February 3, 2011

Yes, I admit it, I watch the Jersey Shore. Am I proud of it? Not in the least! Then I had to ask myself, what is it about this inebriated, fist pumping group of Italians that grabs my attention for an entire hour each week? Why do I devote my valuable time to a group of young adults that really have no sense of shame? Is it their golden/orange tanned skin? Is it the massive muscular physique of the men, or the unique fashion sense of the women? Perhaps, it’s the incredible amount of sexual tension among the group that has me stuck to the tube, like the hairspray and styling gel in Pauly’s hair.

Well, this really had me thinking. What is wrong with me? If I wanted to waste my time, I am sure could find several more constructive ways to do so. No need to judge me here, I have already taken that liberty. The best part is, I am not alone. Yes, I know there are many more like me out there, I read the comments on facebook every week. People just like me; smart, funny, responsible, sensible people who have full and complete lives, but still tune into this mindless entertainment Thursdays in the 10 spot, on MTV. Does that make me feel less guilty about watching this garbage? Marginally, yes, yes it does. Does it justify my reasoning? No, no it doesn’t. I don’t usually make a habit of jumping off bridges because that’s what everyone else is doing.

Do I really need to justify why I watch this mindless entertainment? Well ok, if I must…I guess I watch it because my brain only has to function minimally while doing so. Being a working mom, I don’t have much spare time to relax, so maybe I use this show, among others, to really just forget about my responsibilities. I have so many other worries and daily dilemmas; I’m only more than happy to live carelessly, if only for an hour, by watching the Jersey Shore cast engage in GTL’s, fighting, and drunken shenanigans. Also, I have to admit, it makes me feel good about myself and my own life. I mean, I may not get paid for public appearances or have any sort of fame attached to my name, but I also have my dignity. Unlike this crew, who has revealed some pretty outrageous behavior, and now they will never be able to erase it, because millions of viewers saw it happen.

So in conclusion, yes, I actually enjoy wasting my time on this show, and I admit I feel embarrassed to say so, however, it’s not the only lack of quality show I watch on MTV. That’s an entirely different hub though.




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    • profile image

      Hamon 6 years ago

      i have also enjoyed this show on regularly basis.

    • zubair789 profile image

      zubair789 7 years ago

      i also watch this show just like you.

    • Lazer317 profile image

      Lazer317 7 years ago from Canada

      Thanks for commenting

    • profile image

      Makingsense 7 years ago

      I don't watch the show but did enjoy a brief time when I was living just steps off of the Jersey Shore boardwalk in Seaside Heights!

    • robertbradley profile image

      robertbradley 7 years ago from Arlington County, VA, Pentagon Office 2B225 (ip encrypted)

      Oh yeah! T-shirt time!