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Jersey Shore in Italy (season 4) Review

Updated on September 7, 2011

On Watching Jersey Shore Season 4

With Fringe still around two weeks away, I seem to have become desperate. I have been checking out some new TV shows and have found a lot of interesting concepts and stories. Of course, I am never satisfied and always yearning for a new show to watch. In virtue of being open to trying out new things, I ended up watching Jersey Shore Season 4.

(speaking of Fringe, I should really write about that show real soon. I already did before but it got deleted because, I am assuming, I posted a photo of Olivia Dunham in her undies inside the isolation tank)

I've seen Conan make fun of Jersey Shore a bunch of times in his skits and monologues. Also, I've seen The Situation a lot on celebrity TV shows like TMZ and many others. I never really knew what the show was all about. I did assume it was a reality show much like Laguna Beach or The Hills. Sadly, I'll admit to watching Laguna beach and The Hills, well, because there were a few hot girls in the show and after watching once or twice it can get really addictive.

And so there it was, I had nothing to watch and was getting sick of marathoning the new tv shows I'm watching right now. Then I realized I should check out Jersey Shore. I might as well, I thought. I had nothing to lose really except of course internet time and bandwidth (I can't really say the "D" word because I'm not allowed to promote the illegal acquisition of movies or files from the internet).

Jersey Shore Season 4 Cast
Jersey Shore Season 4 Cast

Jersey Shore in Italy

This show is as entertaining as it is brain damaging. 30 seconds in and I already felt like my brain was rotting away and yet I could not stop. And I guess that's what all pleasure and entertainment is all about—the diminishment of one's health. Sugar is the world's number one killer, KFC and other fast food will block your arteries and kill you while you sleep, illicit substances supposedly destroy your braincells, and the same thing goes for Jersey Shore—it is fun and entertaining but at the same time deadly and should be illegal (not that I favor any kind of market prohibition or restrictions).

I swear, this show is funny as hell. First of all, none of the girls are hot (this is a personal preference thing but to each his own) and yet they think they're super hot with their thick make up and sexy clothing. It's just the greatest showcase of superficiality. Maybe it's really just the thick make up that I'm not really very fond of or the fake looking chests (again, not allowed to mention certain words).

The same goes for the guys. I've never seen any guy in my life who had an obsession for blow dryers and hair gel. Now when you put these guys in one room together and send them to a place where not many can can understand the language they speak like Italy, you're bound to have entertainment for sure!

I don't think they're acting at all. They're the real deal. Like "The Situation", that's probably the most awesome alias ever. And he lives up to it. He really considers himself as a situation, some sort of hazardous or problematic event. Him and his friends are so sexist and stereotypical that it becomes so funny. In my research, The Situation got paid a great sum of money NOT to wear Abercrombie & Fitch clothes. It's the opposite and it's so funny. Aside from that though, he earns over 5 million dollars a year on endorsements and other things. That's a lot of money for doing what he does.

I really can't believe they're getting paid a lot and getting sent on a free trip to Italy for acting as they do.

Jersey Shore in Italy
Jersey Shore in Italy

Jersey Shore Season 4

Now I'm inevitably acquiring episode 2. I just can't help it. The Situation tried to kiss Snooki in the last part of the episode. He even explained to his buddy that they had a thing a while back that no one knows about. But then Snooki has a boyfriend! Like oh my god, right? Now what will I do? I need to know what's going to happen! Hahaha.

Gosh, I really need to get my Fringe fix. Fringe Season 4 premieres on September 23. I need it now before I get hooked into this reality tv madness that is Jersey Shore.


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    • profile image

      Anvee 5 years ago

      I think the Jersy SHore crew rocks big time apart from the sam and Ron drama.I started waching Season 3 few weeks back and i must say I'm addicted to it...Sam and Ron u rock big time, despite all the drama u still work out ur differences...u rock...BIG TIME....

    • Ash Hicks profile image

      Ash Hicks 6 years ago from Tucson, Arizona

      I've been to the Jersey Shore. The beach in Atlantic City was not all that bad, but it was probably because those people were not there. I understand how addictive these shows can be (Housewives of Orange County anyone?), but I refuse to turn it to the channel and even remotely risk being sucked back to the beach! :)