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Jessa Duggar Engaged! Ben Seewald Proposes to Jessa Duggar

Updated on August 29, 2014

It's official, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are engaged! Is been such an exciting time to be a Duggar with news of a marriage, an engagement, and a baby!

Ben Seewald 19, asked Jessa Duggar, 21, (daughter of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, family of '19 Kids and Counting') on August 21, 2014 if she would be his wife, and she said "yes"! It's was such a romantic proposal, and it's not surprising since Ben Seewald is such a romantic guy. While Jessa Duggad has says she's a very "cut and dry", and "black and white" kind of gal, and she struggles to be as warm and cuddly in return. Yet it seems like she has been warming up in recent times, most likely because loud and public displays of affection are his forte. That's good because the Duggars are known for doing things on a national level, seeking to have life-changing family announcements on a pretty regular basis.

That couldn't stop Ben Seewald from asking if Jessa's brother John David, who is a pilot, could fly them for a day of love and romance. The day first started with Ben Seewald giving Jessa an iPad with a message stating that the day would be one large scavenger hunt. With the aid of sister Ginger, who acted as a chaperone, the day went off with out a hitch; with the couple playing mini golf, a trolley ride, then wait for it... the scavenger hunt ended with the Jessa in a lovely chapel and Ben getting down on one knee giving Jessa a beautiful princess cut diamond ring.

While some people's eye brows may be raised that Seewd who is only a teenager would make such a public and long lasting decision to propose, but his parents state he's always been very mature. It seems that early decisions might run in the family, Michael Dillard, 39, he states "“I, for one, don’t agree that putting off marriage is biblical or healthy,” said Michael, adding he believes delaying marriage until late 20s is becoming an epidemic in conservative, Christian circles. The older Seewald went onto day "We have a situation in our society that lends itself to frustration and sexual immorality in young people. Three forces have ganged up on them and are making their lives difficult: The ever earlier age of puberty which prolongs the time they struggle with unfulfilled sexual desire. Another is a society which promotes extended childhood and irresponsibility. A third factor is parents advising their children against the pursuit of marriage until later.”

The Duggars will be able to use a lot of the wedding supplies that they uses in Jill's wedding that took place on July 5, 2014. It only took 7-8 weeks for the couple to conceive a child, so it will be interesting how long it will take for Jessa to get pregnant. Most likely, the sisters will be both be sporting a baby bump at the same time soon. The oldest child Janna Duggar is supposibely courting an investment banker, so perhaps three sisters will be pregnant at the same time.

Ben Seewald will marry Jessa Duggar in a lavish wedding ceremony on November 1, 2014. Stay tuned for more details.


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