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Jessie J Paid Her Rent For Years After Writing Song For Miley Cyrus

Updated on December 30, 2014

Party In The USA Video

A Little Background About The Song

A few years ago Miley Cyrus came out with a song that went onto become a huge hit, and it was a very catchy song. That song is called Party In The USA, and the video/song can be found to the right. That song was put on her album called The Time Of Our Lives, which came out in 2009. Whether you liked the song or not, there is no denying the massive success it went onto have.

The song is really catchy, and the chances are you will remember it if you give it a listen. Even if you are not a fan of Miley Cyrus's, there is no denying that this song is very catchy and it is a great song with an awesome tune.

Burnin' Up By Jessie J

Jessie J Helped Write The Song

And now onto one of the people who helped write the song. There are a few writers who played a role in writing the song, and one of those writers is Jessie J. In case you don't know who she is, she is a British singer and songwriter who has written many songs for other artists and has come out with plenty of her own hit songs! If you are curious about how she sounds or who she is, if you look to the right, it is a song/video called Burnin Up, and the song is a few months old, so it is relatively new. She also sung Price Tag, which is another very catchy and popular tune that you have probably heard of.

Jessie J Banked On Miley's Song And Other Songs She Helped Write

Jessie J banked on Miley's song! That means she ended up making a whole bunch of money from her role in writing the song. How do we know that? Because she admitted she did, and she actually said that that one song that she helped write paid her rent for not 1, not 2, but 3 years! We have no clue exactly how much she has made off the song, but if we would have to guess how much she made in royalties, we would say easily in the six-figure range.

Jessie J is a very talented writer, and she actually said that she makes most of her money from writing songs. So, we are guessing she banks a whole lot of cash writing songs for other artists because she is a really talented singer who is no stranger to coming out with songs that chart and go on to become huge.

Jessie J has even written for Alicia Keys, according to Yahoo. She's also wrote songs for artists such as Chris Brown and David Guetta. Let's just say she has written a bunch of songs for a bunch of different artists, and it's no secret why, because she is extremely talented at penning songs.

What If Jessie J Sang Party In The USA Instead Of Miley

Imagine if Jessie J decided to sing Party In The USA instead of Miley? Would the song have gone on to become as huge as it was? Who knows the answer to this question, but we believe if Jessie J did release the song, then it would have been just as big. However, we cannot picture anyone else singing that song now except for Miley, who did a brilliant job with it, so good for her.

Jessie J is a great writer, and we believe that her role in writing Party In The USA is one of the main reasons why the song went on to become as big as it did. It probably would have still gone on to become a hit without her involvement, but probably not as big of one. In other words, in our opinion, she played a big role in making Party In The USA go on to become a popular tune.


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