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Jigsaw (2017) Review

Updated on November 6, 2017
Boris Jakovljevic profile image

A programmer, gamer, music and film lover. As such, I passionately write about these topics.

Here we are again. A new instance in the famous Saw series.

If you've seen the previous Saw films, you'd know that most of those were primarily about a group of people who were caught by a serial killer known as Jigsaw, who punishes people for something bad they've done in their lives, like stealing, lying to others, making others suffer due to their own interests etc.

This time, however, it's pretty much the same, with a slight difference.

This film felt a little odd at first. Not sure why. Just by seeing the trailer, you can see this is a different movie from what the previous installments set up us for.

Jigsaw (2017) trailer

Instead of going forward and fully concentrating on the contraptions made for Jigsaw's victims, this film added a bit of a CSI-style crime research to the mix. So consider this a bit of a blend between the two styles.

Naturally, as such, the films contains a massive twist near the end, where none of the things you've been shown thus far is as what you've thought it to be.

The victims of Jigsaw also get their backgrounds uncovered slowly throughout the film, so don't think you've got acquainted with them all until the very end, where they get their natures revealed fully by the hand of the Master Torturer. All of them are equally spoiled and bad, so definitely no innocents are here.

Jigsaw himself is still a coldblooded killer. He has an astounding total of zero facial expressions to show for his inability to feel and have compassion towards his victims, which only shows how determined he is to achieve what he started.

Shown is also the real personality of a human found in a dangerous situation, where the victims start cooperating at first and, subsequently, start bailing on each other as each of them slowly die.

The other half of the movie is basically, as I said, a CSI-inspired crime drama / thriller, where each character follows their own aspirations. Are they all good? Not necessarily. This is one of those movies where the bad guys are not, by default, weaklings and the ones to be dominated.

Well, who am I to judge? See for yourself, and happy sawing.


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