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Jill Duggar Married....and Pregnant!

Updated on August 29, 2014

That didn't take long! Jill Duggar is a wife, and a mother-to-be, all in 8-weeks! While everyone knows the Duggars are very fertile people, Jill Duggar has proven no different, Derick Dillard has proved that he will be able to start producing a multitude of a new Dillard-Duggar clan. We all knew it would happen, because they said they want a huge family just like Mom and Dad.

Jill Duggar married Derick Dillard in a lavish wedding ceremony on July 5. Two couple were introduced by the patriarch Jim Bob Duggar, and their first Skype date was in August of 2013. Derick Dillard, 23, was a missionary in Nepal, when the two were first introduced by Daddy Duggar.

If you want to keep up to date with Jill Duggar's pregnancy (because 'kids are a blessing', a Duggar motto which also sounds like a passive aggressive threat) on Twitter and Instagram, look up the handle "JillMDuggar". Jill Duggar is not the only one with news, Jessa Duggar, 21, the third oldest Duggar daughter, is engaged! It sounds like it will be a race to see if she will be able to get pregnant as quickly as her younger sister Jill. Will they keep the "J" name theme? Josh and Anna Duggar, Josh being the eldest Duggar at age 26, has started an "M" theme with the famous Duggar grandchildren Mackenzie, 3, Michael, 2, and Marcus, 1.

It seems like that many, many, of the Duggar women will be pregnant at the same time. It sounds like the Duggar girls wil be aiming to try prove their family's theory that the world is not overpopulated, and that the entire world can fit in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. The Duggars believe their overpopulation theory fervently, even though the United Nation's and the World Heath Organization have stated that if everyone in the world (as of the population on the world today) lived like an American, we would need seven Earths. With the second oldest daughter Jill Duggar married, and third daughter Jessa Duggar engaged to Ben Seewald; people have been waiting to see when Janna Duggar, 24, the oldest Duggar daughter will have an announcement of her own.

If you are already wondering, Jessa Duggae's Twitter and Instagram handle is already JessaSeewald. They have no doubt been waiting to announce their engagement, but had to correlate the big news with Jessa sister's (Jill) wedding.If you are waiting to see how long the other Duggar daughters take to get married, you will have to wait because the other Duggar daughters are the following ages; Jinger, 20, Joy-Anna,16, Jennifer 7, Jordyn-Grace, 5, and Josie Brooklyn, 4.

Sorry, if you are waiting for a pregnancy announcement from the Duggar matriarch Michelle Duggar, you might not want to hold your breath. Michelle Duggar announced in a previous episode that she is menopausal, and that the baby-shop is most likely closed. However, the Duggar papernts stated that if God were prepared to bless them with 20th child, they would be ready to "catch" a baby.

If you are wondering how many times Michelle Duggar has been pregnant, the answer is 19, she suffered from two miscarriages and had two sets of twins. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar stated that Michelle got pregnant in between her first and second child, but suffered a miscarriage because she became pregnant (and didn't know) but was still taking birth control pill, and that caused the miscarriage. They named the child Caleb but stated that they never knew the gender of the child. Then, Michelle suffered from another miscarriage in 2011, with a daughter, Jubilee Shalom Duggar. Sadly, they suffered a miscarriage when she was 18-weeks utero. They had a moving memorial and funeral for their daughter. Let's get back to the happy news.

So, Jill Duggar is married and pregnant within the past two months, Jessa Duggar is engaged to Ben Seewald, and Janna Duggar, 24, has been rumored to be courting an investment banker.Jessa Duggar will marry Ben Seewald in another lavish wedding ceremony on November 1, 2014. The Duggar's and many others, believe that a long engagement is not needed, because when they only get engaged as a sort of formality. When they know that God has told the couple that they are the right person, it's a race to the alter.

Happy marriages, baby announcements, and everything else, Duggars.

Watch Jill and Derick's Journey to Love

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Someone who sees things my way. Michelles baby factory is closed only because the older Duggar girls are now going to have to take care of their kids. Until!!!! The madness begins again. My big problem has always been the teen girls, they don't know these men they are marrying. they could be violent/unfaithful/lazy. ect. and their father figure HAD TO SPEND MOST OF HIS AWAKE TIME MAKING BABIES. There wasn't any lets get to know each other. I guess they mean well, But what a ^&^%^$ MESS. And its just the beginning.

    • Brie Hoffman profile image

      Brie Hoffman 

      4 years ago from Manhattan

      I love the Duggars, I don't have cable so I haven't been able to keep up with the news. They are a Godly family and I wish them well.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I hope michelle have new baby In next mounth

    • Alli Rose profile imageAUTHOR

      Alli Rose Smith 

      4 years ago from Washington, DC

      It's also not really necessarily wanting a large family , which all have stated that they want one, they believe birth control is wrong. They believe the birth control pill is a "baby Hallacaust".

    • Alli Rose profile imageAUTHOR

      Alli Rose Smith 

      4 years ago from Washington, DC

      He does real estate, thanks for the hub! They owe no debt, and own everything outright. Plus, Arizons is low cost if living.

    • GuitarGear profile image

      Walter Holokai 

      4 years ago from Youngstown, Ohio

      I don't know what it is about the Duggars that keeps me watching the show but I keep watching. They seem so happy although their religious beliefs seem bizarre to me. I doubt the kids will have such massive families. Is Jim Bob a brain surgeon or a hedge fund manager? How could a person afford such a family? Regardless, I like them.


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