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Jilla Movie Review

Updated on January 15, 2014

Jilla poster

Jilla movie review
Jilla movie review

Jilla Story

Malayalam superstar Mohanlal is Sivan, Vijay plays the role of Sakthi in Jilla. Mohanlal play the bad guy character with negative shades and of a powerful don in the South Indian city of Madurai. Mohanlal brings Vijay up like his own son. Vijay is the right hand man and very faithful to his step father Lal. Lal finds a place in the Police force for Vijay (a local thug) so that he has someone in Police department to help his criminal activities.

The plot of Jilla Tamil movie is revealed here. After entering the police force and seeing the brutal deeds of his stepdad, Vijay has a change of heart and becomes Assistant commissioner of police from being a local rowdy. His only mission is to change Lal into a good man.

Well done by Sampath in a role that starts off soft in the first half as a important member of Mohanlal's gang and later becoming the real villain in the second half as he tries to take revenge on Mohanlal and his entire family. How Vijay stops Sampath's plan and also transforms Lal into a good man forms the rest of the story.

This Jilla review has spoilers -in fact the whole story line is revealed with the twists - so be warned that you will lose the value of your money if you watch the movie after reading this review.

Why do people go to movies? At what cost?

Once you answer that for yourself, ask yourself, Why do I want to choose Jilla to watch? No doubt the songs are a big hit and has created huge expectations. It has commercial entertainment value written all over it. Big budget movie, big starcast , mass intro song with 1000 dancers in the background, extravagant locations, beautiful heroine, of course you will want to watch the movie on the big screen. If that is all you are looking for you won't be disappointed.

This is not the best Jilla review out there. Perhaps I will expand on it later to give you a complete review including performances, camera work, editing, and other technical aspects of the movie.

No one is above the story or screenplay... even if it is IlayaThalapathy Vijay. Story is King! Screenplay should support the story. Unfortunately when it comes to big actors with even bigger images and aggressive hard-to-please fans, story takes a backseat. Director, especially new ones, have to bend the story and narration to suit the hero and satisfy the fans who are satisfied as long as their basal needs are met in a movie. For example, when Vijay follows and cuts the hand of the good commissioner, why play a heroic music? Post your own Jilla movie review or rating in the poll section or comments section given below.

Jilla review - Defies all logic and leaves you disappointed

Jilla review can be summed up in One word - 2 syllables - Disappointment to the core! :-)

Imman's songs are the highlight of the film. Not the acting of greats like Mohanlal or even Vijay, not the glamor of Kajal Agarwal , not the big budget of Super Good films production, etc. If you are in two minds about watching the movie, wait for the DVD. If you absolutely cannot wait or a huge Vijay fan, go ahead and see it in theaters now. You can make your own decision about if it is worth the money and time (3 hour long movie) you are willing to spend on this run of the mill movie.

Jilla Kajal
Jilla Kajal
Kandaangi Kandaangi song
Kandaangi Kandaangi song

Jilla movie trailer

Your Jilla review

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Jilla purnima
Jilla purnima

Jilla Kajal Agarwal

Kajal Agarwal Jilla heroine
Kajal Agarwal Jilla heroine

Jilla songs

Kandaangi Kandaangi is the best of the lot. Great song. You can listen to it hundred times and still feels fresh. Good melody.

Paatu Onnu - SPB singing the song is the highlight. Shankar Mahadevan has done nicely as usual. Perfect intro song for a action hero like Vijay.

Jingunamani - another good fast song in the album. Music director Imman has done a great job composing a song specifically designed for an excellent dance number. Dance master, art director could have done a better job while making the video.

Mama Mama ippa: Good song. Kajal's dance movements are outrageous.... pleasure to watch.


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    • Ahdilarum profile image

      Ahdilarum 2 years ago

      The movie was a sure hit in tamil and Malayalam also..

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