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Jillian The Bachelorette ep 8

Updated on July 12, 2009

Did anyone else spot the random bare butt that wandered passed Jillian on the streets of Spain? I could not control my laughter. If you are in the mood for a childish giggle-fest, check it out online--it's in the first segment.

Ed and Reid were "late arrivals" on the first night and they are still hanging in there. They're both so adorable. Wes is Jillian's type, which explains why she's on a dating show looking for Mr. Right. She's obviously got some issues.

Jillian totally wants Kiptyn's body. If she ever paid attention, she'd realize that he babbles endlessly and doesn't say anything. He's the new Mr. Perfect in her eyes. She never thinks she's good enough for the quality guys, and she's all about losers like Wes. Kiptyn thinks it's too soon for a proposal-thanks for the sanity check! She considered getting rid of him because he's not dying to get down on one knee for her yet. If she actually thought he was THE ONE, she wouldn't dump him because he didn't want to get engaged after a few weeks of dating (while she's dating 29 other dudes).

On a brighter note, Kiptyn + tight pants = great television. Shake that bootay! They had some seriously stimulating conversation at dinner. He asked her if she's ever had escargot and she babbled about the slugs in her yard. Does that mean that when she gets hungry she goes out in the yard and pops one of those bad boys in her mouth? Yikes. Kiptyn claimed that if he had an opinion, then he'd definitely voice it. He just hasn't had one yet....about anything. So is it worse to have an opinion and not voice it or to have no opinion at all?

The fantasy suite situation was ridiculous. First of all, if she hadn't pulled her I-am-a-lady move she would have been offering a key to four different guys. That's dirty! Secondly, she tested each of the guys by asking them if they wanted to go to the suite before shutting them down. That's straight from How to Be A Tease 101.

Reid and Jillian were trying to speak Spanish and failed miserably. I bet Juan (was that his name?) was watching the episode and shaking his head. Reid kept saying "soy grande" thinking he was great. Hello, the Taco Bell menu teaches people everywhere that grande means big! Reid's eyes looked beauuuuutiful in his blue shirt. Sidebar: I don't think that it is proper for ladies to sit crisscrossed on park benches while wearing dresses. Sorry, I had to get that off my chest. It was pretty annoying that Jillian was poking and prodding for someone to drop the L-bomb on her. She treats it like a race to the love finish line. Absurd. Poor Reid had to constantly compliment her because he wanted to be honest and not say "I love you" just to win the race.

She looked very flat-chested in this episode. Just an observation.

So did Ed lose his job for going back? They left that part out of the script this week. Ed has little hands, but he made good use of them by grabbing her hiney at every opportunity. They spent most of their date making out, which is helpful when trying to decide if you want to spend the rest of your life with the person whose tonsils you're licking. Uh-huh. What was up with them standing in a fountain getting sprayed like a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot? Ed wanted to take her to a Cubs game...for hotdogs. Weird or clever? Now I love Ed, but what was up with his chest hair hanging out of his shirt? Button up, this isn't Italy! I'm suuure they used the fantasy suite to "talk." Why did he bite her hand in the bed? They slept in their clothes, but she was wearing a skirt...classy!

She's gone into every date with a list of questions and concerns about the guys. I'm excited about our date today-but here's what's wrong with you. That's healthy.

Jillian said "he felt like my boyfriend" on all the dates except Wes's. That singing moron said he feels at home around Spanish people because he had a number one single in Mexico. What? She was concerned about Wes's lack of affection while they were on bikes. That's a hazard-safety first! He picked his teeth with his fingernail in the middle of one of his tell-her-what-she-wants-to-hear speeches. That's hot. It was so obvious he had no interest in her. Everything he said was total horse poo. He even admitted that he only looks out for himself while she sat there crying. What a sweetheart! He was so un-slick trying to covering up his "my girlfriend" slip. It's about damn time that she's embarrassed that he came on the show with a girlfriend. Besides, what would she want with a guy that wears such ugly shirts?

Speaking of terrible fashion decisions, what was that dress she was wearing at the rose ceremony? Were those feathers on the skirt? Wes was dressed like a scrub while everyone else suited up. It was pretty obvious who didn't belong. One of these things is not like the other...

Wes said, "If it's me, then you boys know that I'll be back home having lots of sex" what a dirt bag! I wish he would have been the one left in the Canadian wilderness, not driven off in a limo. He admitted to being the only guy with a girlfriend to make it to the top 4. Is that an accomplishment? That's like displaying your "Biggest Asshole Award" in your office.

It sounded like Kiptyn's voice in the preview for the finale. Didn't one of the overly-informative previews show someone going to her room to propose before the final ceremony? Or am I making stuff up again?

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