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Jim Carrey: One of the Coolest Hollywood Actors Of Our Time

Updated on November 26, 2015

The Inspirational Actor

Inspiring Generations

In this modern era, it is quite rare to find a true role model who stands tall for inspirational purpose and serves as a guide to the younger generation. Hollywood, a world of actors and actresses, has its lows and highs. People make up Hollywood hence both the good and bad side of such a coveted place is as result of those that are composed of it.

Among the Hollywood actors, one particular person always wins my admiration. This person is a comedian who has helped to put smile on my face when i am stressed out. He does this through his movies. He is Jim Carrey.

A lot of people know Jim Carrey for his roles in comedy movies but most people do not know the other side of his life. That's the part i would be dwelling on, the inspirational part of Jim Carrey's life. For someone to become an inspiration to others, he must have been through life for real.

Jim Carrey's perspective of this life will blow your mind. When i listen to his inspirational speeches, it gets me yearning for more each time. Through some of his words of inspiration, he has made me understand the importance of having big dreams and working towards that goal without so much hustle. This is because the power to achieve that goal lies within us and it is up to the individual to truly know and understand himself, his strengths and weaknesses and the effect of both sides on fellow humans. Is the dominant effect on fellow humans negative or positive? That's a question worth asking.

Jim Carrey said: " ...the purpose of my life has always been to free people from concern" and he did find passion in doing so. That has been his secret to success in the movie industry. Jim sees the movie industry as a much bigger platform to reach out to millions of people all over the world who are faced with hard times, and with one sole purpose to cheer them up and to give hope.

One of Jim Carrey's quotes made me understand the fact that this world is not about us as individuals but about the people around us who make up the world in totality. The bottom line is, others come first. He said: " how would you serve the world?...what do they need, that your talent can provide?"

That's inspirational!

Inspirational Carrey

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