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An Overview of the Jimmy DeGrasso Snare Drum

Updated on January 18, 2011

It makes sense that the drummer for Megadeth would need a bright, cracking snare drum to cut through stadiums and the heavy distortion of the band.

Having a bright and tightly focused sound,the Jimmy Degrasso Signature Snare Drum displays an incredible level of clarity and detail in its tone, whether you are playing in an intimate jazz setting, or needing to be heard above amplified guitars, which is what Jimmy himself uses it for.

And like all Pearl Snare Drums, the Jimmy DeGrasso Signature Snare sounds great- but it also has the added bonus of looking like a million dollars!

If you keep the hardware in shape, and the drum heads fresh and in tune, then the looks of the Jimmy DeGrasso Snare will show people that you mean business when it comes to playing the drums- before you even lay down your first beat.

Close-Up of The Beautiful Jimmy DeGrasso Signature Snare Drum

The Jimmy DeGrasso snare has a sound and look which will be praised anywhere you take it.
The Jimmy DeGrasso snare has a sound and look which will be praised anywhere you take it.

Jimmy DeGrasso Snare Drum Features

The first feature you'll notice with the Jimmy Degrasso snare is the sound of the brass.

Brass is a metal noted for its bright, wet, resonant tone, and when applied to snare drums, it produces an unbelievably lush tone that is desirable for a variety of drumming situations.

For instance, The Jimmy DeGrasso Snare Drum sounds great on recordings, and if its mic'ed properly, it sounds almost as if its singing.

The thinness (one millimeter) of the Jimmy DeGrasso Signature Snare Drum's shell also adds warmth and resonance which you just can't get from a thicker drum shell. This helps counterbalance the bright and cutting sonic qualities of the brass itself and gives this snare drum a full-sounding tone- not leaning too much towards the high frequencies.

Considerations for Purchasing a Jimmy DeGrasso Snare

When you are considering whether or not to purchase a musical instrument, several factors come into play; the three most important being whether or not the instrument is quality, durable, and a great value for the money.

In the case of the Jimmy DeGrasso snare drum, its quality is unmatched by any other brass snare drum on the market right now, as Pearl recently discontinued its super-high-end bell brass snare model. Its tone will give you the flexibility to use it in a variety of musical styles.

As far as durability is concerned, the Pearl company is famous for making the heaviest-duty, longest-lasting drums on the planet. Their entry-level drums, all the way up through their professional grade models are made with the same, time-tested construction design. So with the Jimmy DeGrasso Snare, durability will not be an issue.

And at the list price of $799, the Jimmy DeGrasso Signature snare drum is a competitively priced professional-grade instrument. So if you're even thinking about purchasing this model, DO IT! It will last you a lifetime and the tone will be suitable for all your drumming needs.


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    • profile image

      Marty 4 years ago

      I have owned a Jimmy DeGrasso model snare drum for two years. I play every weekend with several area bands. This snare drum is perfect for any style of music, at any volume level. Generally, I'm not an overly loud hitter. What I'm impressed with is the SOUND. Playing live, with out using a mic on the snare, I had no problem being heard. Using close mics during an outdoor concert, the sound tech complimented the great sound. He said, "I didn't use any eq on the snare. That's amazing!"