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Joan Van Ark - Plastic Surgery Disaster

Updated on January 7, 2013
Joan Van Ark before and after.
Joan Van Ark before and after.
Joan Van Ark then and now.
Joan Van Ark then and now.


Born June 16th, 1943, Joan Van Ark is an American actress known for her role as Valene Ewing on the hit show Knots Landing. Over the years, however, she has become more known for her cosmetic procedures rather than her acting capabilities.

She got her first role in 1967's Run for Your Life as Donna Hayward. From then on, she continued to appear in various television and film series, many of which she had minor roles. However, in 1978 she made her first appearance on Dallas. Her character was quite popular and was placed in a spin-off of the show known as Knots Landing, which ran for 327 episodes.

After Knot's Landing ended in 1993, she continued to make appearances in television series. Around this time, however, things began looking a bit odd. As she started to grow older, the plastic surgery procedures she had became more and more noticeable.

Joan Van Ark
Joan Van Ark


The number of surgeries Joan Van Ark has underwent is unknown, but it is easy to tell what sort of work she has had. Her leather-like skin indicates she's had too many face-lifts while her slightly smaller nose suggests a rhinoplasty surgery. Her lips are fuller than they were during her Knots Landing days, meaning she's injected them with collagen. In addition, work has been done to give her fuller cheeks - cheek implants are common among aging actresses. Finally, it appears she's had Botox injections. For her age - nearly 70 - she has very few wrinkles gracing her face.

She's had many interviews and would often be asked if she's went under the knife. Even with the countless questions she's received, the subject has somehow been avoided. She has not said a single word about the procedures she's obviously had.

Ironically enough, she appeared in an episode of Nip Tuck. Was this a way to tell the world, silently, about her surgeries? Who knows. But her fans have speculated for years that she's had plenty of work done and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the evidence on her face. Her unnatural appearance is a far cry from her early days.


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