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Joanna Krupa - Beautiful Polish Supermodel and Animal Rights Activist That Was On Dancing With The Stars

Updated on November 24, 2017

Photos of Joanna Krupa in Los Angeles

Joanna Krupa celebrating her birthday. And it looks like she is blowing a kiss to her fans and supporters.
Joanna Krupa celebrating her birthday. And it looks like she is blowing a kiss to her fans and supporters. | Source

Why should we learn about Joanna Krupa?

How often do you consider your day a good or great day? Do you consider each day a great day where you can learn something new and grow as a human being? The truth is every day is a good day to write. The next celebrity we will be covering is Polish supermodel Joanna Krupa. Poland is not just known for its castles, culture, and history but it is also known for its beautiful women. Most people know about Joanna Krupa because of her modeling work but I like to focus on the bigger picture. What this means is I try to analyze what a certain celebrity has done for American culture or perhaps even their own culture if they are brought up differently. But who is Joanna Krupa and where is she from?

A little bit about Joanna

Joanna was born on April 23, 1979 in the city of Warsaw. She is the daughter of famous hotelier Steven Krupa. Joanna moved to the United States when she was just five years old. For Joanna, adjusting to life in the US seemed to be pretty smooth. She recalls eating Polish food and she even went to a Polish school for six years. Joanna has a younger sister Marta whose age is unknown. Joanna is one of the most beautiful celebrities that was born in the 1970’s in addition to being a sort of sex symbol for some people. This writer decided to cover the life and career of Joanna Krupa mainly due to fascination with Polish culture. This writer has a theory that it seems like most of the really beautiful women come from the colder climates of the world. For starters, let's bring up the example of German supermodel Heidi Klum. Another example of a celebrity that comes from a colder climate is tennis superstar Maria Sharapova. So there may be some truth to that theory. But regardless of that, Joanna Krupa is one of the sexiest women in the world!

Joanna goes on Dancing With the Stars

What other reasons are there for Joanna’s fame? For one thing, she was a contestant on the ABC reality TV dance contest called Dancing With the Stars. Joanna is also a very avid fitness enthusiast. She revealed that she likes to go to her local gym around three to four times per week, doing exercises that are fun in addition to working all areas of the body. Joanna is involved with taking classes in yoga, kick boxing, and Pilates. Joanna is not the only celebrity in the world that is really involved with exercise and fitness. One of my favorite celebrities Aki Takajo (ex-AKB48 and JKT48 idol singer) also does exercise. She swims and plays tennis. Joanna revealed that she took dancing lessons as a child but that she had to stop them after a while because her parents could not afford them anymore. After her first dance with Derek Hough, the three judges of Dancing had the ultimate compliment for Joanna. Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli, and Carrie-Ann Inaba all described Krupa's performance as "hot." Len said that finally he had seen a sexy salsa dance!

Joanna Krupa with her sister Marta

Joanna Krupa joins her sister Marta Krupa (left) during an event to raise awareness for lupus, a severe autoimmune disease.
Joanna Krupa joins her sister Marta Krupa (left) during an event to raise awareness for lupus, a severe autoimmune disease. | Source

Joanna Krupa goes to Los Angeles to become a model and succeeds

Joanna enrolled in community college in the Chicago area but she did not stay there very long. Joanna revealed that she was miserable and that she always had the goal of working instead. She then departed for Los Angeles to pursue a career in modeling. Although her modeling work enabled her to get TV and movie roles, we won’t discuss too much about her modeling career but we will analyze why she is important for people in the US to be interested in her. In 2000, she starred in an episode of Son of the Beach, a parody of the famous TV series Baywatch. Joanna’s popularity rose and she was seen on the cover of many magazines including FHM. She would also make an appearance on the TV series Las Vegas and she would even have a lead role in Max Havoc: Curse of the Dragon. Joanna would also appear in the July 2005 issue of Play boy Magazine! It would get even better from there for Joanna as TV media which is a famous Austrian men’s magazine, named her Model of the Year! If Almudena Fernandez is Spain’s most beautiful supermodel, then Joanna Krupa may be Poland’s most beautiful supermodel. She is married to Romain Zago, a nightclub owner and businessman since 2013.

Joanna Krupa dances with Derek Hough (salsa dance in 2009)

More great photos of Joanna

Joanna Krupa at an event for Maxim Magazine (2011).
Joanna Krupa at an event for Maxim Magazine (2011). | Source
Joanna Krupa at an event to raise awareness for autism (2013).
Joanna Krupa at an event to raise awareness for autism (2013). | Source
Joanna Krupa with TV personality Claudia Jordan (left).
Joanna Krupa with TV personality Claudia Jordan (left).

Why is Joanna Krupa important to American pop culture?

Why is Joanna Krupa important enough that we should even read about her? She is an animal rights activist. She is a spokesperson for the organization called PETA. Joanna had earlier been involved with an ad campaign opposing the use of natural fur. As mentioned earlier, Joanna was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. She took part in the 9th season of that show. Her partner throughout most of that competition was Derek Hough. Why is this important to American pop culture? The main reason is the pursuit of leisure time. Leisure time has been a major part of American life since about the 1880’s and it still continues today. People love to be entertained especially in Western countries. It is really challenging to be a good dancer and that fact that Joanna decided to take part in it really shows her dedication. She eats well and exercises a lot, leading to her amazing figure! I would put her on a Top 10 list of the most beautiful women in the world! As an immigrant to the United States, Joanna has contributed to modeling, acting, and even tried her dancing skills. She is an example of someone that had a specific goal in mind (modeling) and through her persistence, she realized her dream. Joanna Krupa could be considered one of the national stars of Poland just like Cary Grant was a national symbol first for the UK and then the United States.

Joanna Krupa walks through LAX International Airport while being interviewed

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