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Most beautiful Chinese ghost story actress Joey Wong / Wang

Updated on August 12, 2012

Joey Wong (or Wang Zuxian) was known for her role as a beautiful ghost in many of her films. She was considered to be one of the most beautiful actresses during her time. She was 5 feet 8 inches tall; many male coworkers were often the same height or even slightly shorter. Joey was very popular in school, many considered her to be a very beautiful young lady. She was on the school's basketball team and enjoyed playing sports when she was young.

Wong is known for having long, beautiful and slender legs. Due to her height, she was part of the basketball team when she was very young. In addition to her model like physique, Joey's face was very feminine.

Joey Wong entered the entertainment industry very early. She worked in Hong Kong for most of her career. In many of her earlier films, she played lots of beautiful roles that did not make her memorable or famous.

Joey Wong was famous soon after she played a beautiful ghost in the film A Chinese ghost story. In the film, she played a beautiful ghost under the control of a sinister tree demonthat forced her to seduce man. When a guy makes out with her, Joey calls out to the tree demon to suck out the person's soul. However, she met a very nice guy and fell in love with him. The nice guy helped her escape the evil tree demon's control. In the end, Joey entered reincarnation again thanks to the nice guy's help. Although they parted ways, they remained in each others hearts forever. Liu yi fei is the new beautiful “ghost” in the 2011 version of A Chinese ghost story.

Here are some of her videos.


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