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John Edward

Updated on October 4, 2015

John Edward

John Edward (1969--) is a New York born psychic medium best know for his television shows beginning the the late 190s with 'Crossing Over with John Edwards' and later 'John Edward Cross Country'.

His is predominantly a spirit medium attempted to contact and communicate with deceased people. He may be the most famous living psychic medium.

Edwards is a popular performing and Private Hollywood psychic and appears regularly on shows such as Dr. Phil, the New Ricki Lake Show, and The View.

Celebrity Clients

Edward leverages his access to A-list celebrity clients to raise his profile and is often mentioned by the media.

Dr. Phil: Dr. Phil agreed to a reading by Edward in 2015, despite being openly skeptical about psychic ability.

Tori Spelling: In 2014 Spelling contacted Edward to try and reach her deceased rather. Instead he put her in touch with the late Farrah Fawcett who asked her to pass on messages to her partner and son.

Kim Kardashian: In 2012 Edwards was involved in Kardashian's decision to file for divorce.

Gloria Vanderbilt: In 2011 Edwards put Gloria Vanderbilt in contact with the spirit of Marilyn Monroe (see video below).


Edward is also the author of nine books ranging from autobiography to self help.


Skeptics accused Edwards of preying on bereaved people using a skill called "cold reading" which allows him to seem to have special knowledge by using a combination of statistical probability, guessing, and skilled body language reading.

He also faces criticism from some Christian groups who equate his shows to witchcraft.

John Edwards is:

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    • LandmarkWealth profile image

      LandmarkWealth 4 years ago from Melville NY

      I have seen him on TV before. I am no psychic. I am a skeptic and believer at the same time. I do know a medium here on Long Island who was quite convincing that told me that Edward was for real. He apparently knew him personally. I tend to believe what he said because he himself knew things about my family that could never be looked up on a google search. So it is hard to believe he himself was a fraud. But who knows. I know I don't have that ability, nor do I want it. So I will never know for sure.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 4 years ago from England

      I hadn't heard of him before, but to be honest the word fake does come to mind! to talk to the dead celebs is just tacky, and anybody could do it, people like him make me so mad. I have been psychic all my life and know for a fact that you can't turn on the psychic stuff when it suits you, it can only work bit like a faulty tv signal, so no, fake! lol!