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John Green Net Worth

Updated on June 22, 2016

How Much is John Green Worth?

Image - John Green - the successful novelist of teenage aimed/related books and the knowledgeable online YouTube channel entertaining star
Image - John Green - the successful novelist of teenage aimed/related books and the knowledgeable online YouTube channel entertaining star | Source

John Green Net Worth: $17 Million

Net Worth: $17 Million (according to a celebrity net worth findings website, trusted for their estimates which are based on the publicly announced assets, earnings and other financial holdings).

2015 Earnings: $26 Million - another strong year for John Green, thanks to the years previously published book written by Green named "This Star Won't Go Out: The Life and Words of Esther Grace Earl" (published for release, 2014).

2014 Earnings: $26 Million - it seems that The Fault in Our Stars has come to a peak, as this year more royalties will have amounted from the books sales, and with the book-to-movie adaptation of John Greens 2008 published book Paper Towns, this book will have seen a pick-up in sales along with the other previously released books. Thanks to Green's successful The Fault in Our Stars, he has seen a phenomenal amount of interest in his other books.

2013 Earnings: $9 Million - a rather large yearly income for John Green, thanks to the strong sales for the previous years release of The Fault in Our Stars which was published in 2012.

John Green Net Worth: John Green is an American author of teenage novels and vlogger on a highly popular YouTube channel run with his witty brother, Hank Green. John Green was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on August 24, 1977, and is now aged 38.

John Green's career as an author has gone strength to strength, as he has hit a rather comfortable niche with his books, aiming at the teenage audience, something that is working out for the writer quite nicely, as in the past 3 years with each new book release he has made it onto the top earning authors list every time, averaging annual earnings of $26 million. Not bad to say that before a few years ago his authoring career was practically none existent.

On the side, John Green also runs a YouTube channel where he has been highly successful, running the channel with his brother, Hank Green, where they vlog about all sorts of things, typically the moments that are happening in their lives at the moment, and the pair are known for their knowledgable discussions on their channel on different topics, varying from video to video.

The YouTube channel is hardly where Green makes his living any more, as it will now be no more than a hobby for the rising star author, but it has remained a heavy part of where he spends a lot of his time working outside of his writing.

Plus, Green's YouTube fan following is into the millions, making it a great place to market his books, not that this is a hidden agenda that Green has in running his YouTube channel given that he was a success on YouTube way before his writing career took off with the highly successful The Fault in Our Stars back in 2012 when it was published.

Green is a talented author and inspiring talker, as shown on his YouTube channel. A lot of wisdom, curiosity and imagination in an all-round interesting person who seems to be dominating the bestsellers charts for his latest book releases which seem to be coming out one each year.

And, with movie adaptations for his books, The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns, Green is kept busy working on movie sets as a producer, enabling him to offer input and remain a part of the movies adaptation that will subsequently become a reflection of his books (which have the same names).

Green has slowly gone from an online star, due to his active following on his widely popular YouTube channel, to a now worldwide known celebrity known for his teenage audience aimed books, one of which went on to be a major success, The Fault in Our Stars (2013).

To sum-up, where the money is concerned a million or two will have undoubtedly been earned from his activities on his popular YouTube channel, but the rest of his growing wealth is down to the wildly successful top of the New York bestsellers chart book sales, and the deals with the film studios for the rights to make his books into movies.

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