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John Legend and Bridget Carrington Duets Performances

Updated on May 25, 2012

On the ABC website for the new singing contest Duets, contestant Bridget Carrington states that she started singing in the church where she grew up in Virginia. She is the only one out of eight contestants that specifically said she is currently a member of a music group (Horizon). This doesn't necessarily mean she is not an amateur in the normal way it is used in the music business. But many of the other contestants seem to have no music career at all and are students, recent graduates, or aspiring singers with a regular job or business.

In fact, Bridget also has a full-time job working for the city of Richmond, Virginia. And she sings with Horizon on the weekends.

Bridget is teaming up with John Legend, who is one of the celebrity duet partners for this new show. Each celebrity is assigned two duet partners, and the other three celebs are Robin Thicke, Jennifer Nettles, and Kelly Clarkson.

If Carrington can outlast the other seven contestants and their partners, she will win a record deal with Hollywood Records. Unfortunately, the website does not list dates or other details about the Duets elimination process. So I'll be checking out the premiere episode to get more details and post recaps of John and Bridget's performances after the episodes where they perform. Check back here to tell me what you think of Bridget and her chances of winning after she sings with John Legend on the Duets TV show.

John and Bridget's first performance was on the premiere episode, which was broadcast on May 24, 2012. They sang "Tonight (Best You Ever Had)." Bridget did just okay in the judges' scoring, placing 6th out of 8. She needs to stay out of the bottom next week to avoid being the first eliminated contestant.


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