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Johnny Depp dating guide

Updated on January 15, 2011
Johnny Depp is here to sweep you off your feet.
Johnny Depp is here to sweep you off your feet.

Johnny Depp would make one fine dinner partner. Besides the obvious benefits of cavorting around with a widely worshiped sex symbol that commands God-like presence, Mr. Depp has finer qualities that are frequently overlooked.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

Eccentrics are interesting.

On screen, Depp displays wild hand gestures, uses quirky speech patterns and sports odd-ball outfits. His constant ventures towards the strange side of film have distinguished him as a rare specimen. You may accompany him in slurping raw shellfish or doing shots at a swanky bar, but you'll never get bored. 

You stole my story....
You stole my story....

Johnny Depp is versatile.

From strung-out drug experimenter to swashbuckling pirate, Depp has put on a plethora of alter egos. This no doubt makes for delectable conversation. Expect witty, articulate talk on a wide range of subjects to occur while in this colorful actor's presence.

Your looks transcend the sands of time.
Your looks transcend the sands of time.

Age begets wisdom.

Heed this old adage and you'll soon find that Depp can teach you a thing or two. Perhaps he'll reveal his secret behind growing better looking with age. If you show genuine interest in what he has to say, he might even let you touch his hair or tell you what his tattoos stand for.

Some words of advice

If this flamboyant star seems too hot to handle, don't rule out dinner just yet. Set a lunch date to test the waters. You'll grow to love the odd dining locations and bizarre cuisine Depp selects when you realize taking the less-beaten path means keeping the swarming paparazzi off your scent. Even if the date proves a snooze fest and the food is inedible, you won't pay a dime and you're guaranteed something nice to look at.


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