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Johnny Depp Most Unique Actor

Updated on April 1, 2012

While Johnny Depp wasn’t one of my all time favorite actors, his versatility and purity of acting has put him up there in my top five.

As represented in his filmography, he has undertaken far too many roles for me to do justice to all of them. In this hub I will hit on the most dramatically different personalities he has played:


I have to admit that it took some years after this movie was released before I watched it. It just didn’t appeal to me at the time it came out. After watching Depp in this role I understood why so many people love the actor. He portrays a personality with a depth of feeling and reality and allows you to lose yourself in the fantasy. He becomes the character.

Depp seems to take on, in the extreme, how the prejudice of differences in people can affect love and relationships. At least that’s how I see the message in this movie and he does an excellent job in the simplicity of how he plays it.

Benny & Joon 1993

I absolutely love this movie! Sam (Depp) falls in love with a mentally disturbed young woman, Joon (Mary Stuart Masterson). He captures her heart with his quiet courtship of her and dazzles her with his quirky disregard of how people see him. He gives her a reason to be a better person and in return she gives him the adoration and understanding he needs to fight for what he wants. This is an excellent love story.

Don Juan DeMarco 1994

Depp and Marlon Brando play opposite and are an excellent foil for each other. Depp takes on the persona of Don Juan in order to protect his sanity from loss and loneliness, Marlon Brando is the psychiatrist who takes on his treatment only to have his life changed for the better. Depp's flare and passion really spring forth in this movie.

Donnie Brasco 1997

Al Pacino plays opposite Depp in this thriller about an FBI agent (Depp) going undercover to infiltrate the MOB. Lefty, Pacino, is his ticket inside but he soon comes to see Lefty as a friend and risks his life to save him. Depp really shows strength in this movie which is completely opposite from the silent shy type in his first films.

Sleepy Hollow 1999

Ichabod Crane ( Depp) plays a squeamish detective sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate murders said to be committed by the Headless Horseman. This is a dark and scary movie with beautiful vintage cinematography. He does an outstanding job of making Ichabod Crane a loveable character.

Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of the Black Pearl 2003

This is the movie that made me a Johnny Depp fan. After watching him capture and make his own the character of Captain Jack Sparrow I couldn’t get enough of his movies. I finally get what his acting is all about. He becomes the character he plays instead of making the character mold around his personality.

Secret Window 2004

This is one of the scariest movies I have ever watched. Not because it is gory or bloody but because it is mental, with secrets, the unknown breaking of the mind leaving the body helpless to cope. Depp does such a chilling good job here that it gave me night mares.

Finding Neverland 2004

This movie is about the life experience of writer, J. M. Berrie, that inspired him to write the epic "Peter Pan". Once again, Depp captures another personality on film. This is absolutely a tear jerker and a wistful love story.

Alice in Wonderland 2010

Alice in Wonderland 2010

I waited and waited for this movie to come to the theatre. Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter was a treat worth waiting for and he did not disappoint with his flare and ingenuity as an actor.

Upcoming movies

His upcoming movie, Dark Shadows, is a takeoff from the serial of the same name, with Barnabus Collins as a vampire. He doesn’t disappoint in this movie either as he puts an unusual spin on Barnabus. It is a must watch for Johnny Depp fans!

Filming has begun on The Lone Ranger in which Johnny is playing the roll of Tonto. This movie is set to be released in 2013. Can't wait to see it.

This is a tribute to the filmography of Johnny Depp and not intended to be an infringement on any rights or ownership of anything involving the actors.

Out of these ten, which is your favorite Johnny Depp movie?

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    • tigerbaby777 profile image

      tigerbaby777 5 years ago from Nampa

      I don't know Austin, for me Chocolat, even though a fantastic movie, didn't represent a drastic difference in his other characters. I could have listed them all but I was only shooting for how he has such a wide range of acting abilities.

    • Austinstar profile image

      Lela 5 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

      How could you forget Chocolat? That's my pick for favorite JD movie. Ah well.

      I might have been just a little disappointed in the Dark Shadows movie. It was too short. The series was long and involved and captured us as a soap opera should. The movie was fun and light. But only Johnny could have pulled that off.

    • tigerbaby777 profile image

      tigerbaby777 5 years ago from Nampa

      Yes he is Mary! Very talented also.

    • Mary Merriment profile image

      Mary Merriment 5 years ago from Boise area, Idaho

      I can't vote on the movies. I have never seen a movie with Johnny Depp that disappointed me, but I also do not have an ultimate favorite. I love how diverse and creative all his characters are... not to mention he's very nice to look at too! ;o)

    • tigerbaby777 profile image

      tigerbaby777 6 years ago from Nampa

      Thank you so much! I was going to put Fear and Loating up as well as Ed Wood but I didn't want to have too many up here.

    • Cogerson profile image

      UltimateMovieRankings 6 years ago from Virginia

      Another winning movie hub....I like Johnny Depp...I voted for Sleepy Hollow in your poll...he has appeared in numerous other unique movie Ed Wood, Cry-Baby and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. A very interesting hub. Voted up and awesome.

    • tigerbaby777 profile image

      tigerbaby777 6 years ago from Nampa

      He was excellent in that movie A, I think Mr Depp does his homework before acting out a character, it amazes me how different he is in each undertaking.

    • asymmetry profile image

      asymmetry 6 years ago

      I can't say this for certain, but somehow I feel that Johnny Depp's character/behavior is somewhat close to J.M Barrie's, so when he acted in Finding Neverland I really believed that Johnny Depp WAS JM Barrie. Random comment but yeah.


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