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Johnoy Danao, the Philippine's Best-kept Secret

Updated on June 22, 2014

Johnoy Danao

Image should not be copied without permission of the artist
Image should not be copied without permission of the artist | Source


I woke up on a cool and quiet Saturday morning surfing Youtube for some playlists I can play that would be perfect for this moment. It is still too early to get up from bed after working on my projects until half past 3 in the morning. Finding my playlist, I listened to a cover of a local band's song, 'With a Smile' and right then and there I was convinced this morning is going to be a Johnoy Danao one.

During my college days, I stayed in a 3-story townhouse in the then quiet suburbs near Visayas Avenue situated near the Quezon City Memorial Circle. Mornings would often mean waking up to the familiar acoustic guitar of another housemate. About four other students share the same 'boarding house' which served as our home away home. All of us hail from the far off province with one goal in mind: getting our college degree from country's premier university.

Seeds of genius

I had a feeling even then that my house mate is going to go places one day. His dedication and passion for guitars is too intense to ignore. He somehow reminded me of my dad who was also a guitar fanatic when he was alive and to this day, I can still vividly recall him playing with guitat picking a mean version of a "A Song for Anne."

I will never forget those times when my housemate effortlessly played the fast-paced 'My Sharona' on his guitar. Fastforward 2014, now dubbed as the Philippine's best-kept secret, Johnoy Danao continues to carve his name with such honesty and humility that makes one ask, "Is this guy for real?"

Dubbed as the Dave Matthews of the Philippines because his cool, calm and comforting voice will turn even a hard-hearted woman feel like a lovestruck teenager again waiting for her crush to make an appearance.

"Ikaw at Ako"

Confessions of a new fan

I came to know about this song entitled "Ikaw at Ako" when a local television station featured a documentary about love in the time of Yolanda. It featured a love story tested by nature's wrath. I have been inlove with the song and was so deeply moved by the story (and the song) that I was thinking who is the brillliant artist behind the song? It took me a couple of months to learn that it's none other than Johnoy Danao!

'I'm Yours" cover

His songs

If you want to be feel the stirrings of love again or is currently recovering from the remains of a love lost, you will feel so at home with Johnoy's songs often giving springs of hope, love and inspiration. If you are undergoing through some heart aches, his voice will ease your pain, his original songs will give you hope that all will be okay in the end.

Listen to them on a cool rainy weekend morning, afternoon, or when you are driving solo to a far off destination, promise, he won't fail to deliver. There is a sense of peace and contentment in his songs while his honest and raspy voice will definitely bring you 'home', at peace with yourself.

A true artist

So here I am anticipating my very own copy of his album and like a giddy fan, I hope he won't forget to sign an autograph and maybe a selfie. I heard he personally delivers a purchase of his album if he is not too busy with a gig. I'm sure he won't remain the country's best-kept secret for long now.

I tap leisurely on the keypads of my laptop on this cool and windy Saturday morning. I fear that the feeling of being mesmerized by his magical voice will escape me if I don't finish this hub in time. And yes, with his calming voice trails in the background. Johnoy Danao -- who says he is not for the bright lights -- you've got another fan here.

Which singer/artist does Johnoy Danao'svoice remind you of?

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