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Jokes - My take on why laughter is necessary

Updated on July 24, 2016

During my hardest times in life, I have discovered that no matter how sad you feel, reading funny jokes online can instantly change your mood and how you feel. Everything we watch on the tv and news affects our mood, than why not watch the good things in life, watch comedy, read jokes ?

During my first year in college, I'd often read jokes here on this website, I wish I had invested more of time into funny and comic activities than chilling with people who no longer matter anymore! I did my engineering by reading funny santa banta jokes and who doesn't love husband wife jokes, I have read them all by heart. I still remember how these jokes returned my kid-like smile after all these years. Now since I went to India, I had to find hindi jokes online and I couldn't find trusted sources to find the jokes online. Now I could read english jokes anywhere I wanted to, but jokes in hindi were still out of reach, until I found this website for jokes.

Wish I had started reading jokes earlier in my life. Anyways they say laughter is the best medicine, and I couldn't agree more with this!

No matter your age, no matter the times you're going through, believe me that laughing will cure every miserable thing in your life. Just learn to laugh and keep yourself happy, all the time!

Watch this video below for a full laughter dose :D


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