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Jonathan Antoine, an Astonishing Young Male Version of Susan Boyle, Emerges on Britain's Got Talent

Updated on May 3, 2012

My favorite TV show is America’s Got Talent and I look forward to it with great anticipation every summer. I like it so much, not only because of the marvelous talent (mixed in with the duds, of course), but because so many of the contestants have such fascinating stories. Some of them have come from backgrounds of such hardship and suffering, and it is so uplifting to see how AGT provides a wonderful opportunity for them to share their wonderful gifts with America and give them a chance to rise above their circumstances at the same time.

Equally as entrancing is the amazing stories that come from across the ocean in Britain’s Got Talent. You are probably familiar with the story of Susan Boyle a couple years ago, who came out of nowhere as a frumpy, middle-aged spinster who knocked the socks off of Simon Cowell and his judging cohorts. His reaction to her magnificent voice stood out in marked contrast to his initial impression of her in which his facial expressions betrayed nothing short of derision. (I’m beginning to think this was part of the act, however)

Susan Boyle stunned the judges and the world two years ago on Britain's Got Talent
Susan Boyle stunned the judges and the world two years ago on Britain's Got Talent

For this reason, I could not hold still my pen as I just read about another similar act on the Saturday, March 24, 2012 performance of BGT. I just saw online where a 17-year- young man named Jonathan Antoine gave a kind of déjà vu performance on the show Saturday night. Simon Cowell at first glance gave him the same look of disdain as he did Susan Boyle when he first set eyes on her.

Jonathan, like Susan before him, is the epitome of why one should never judge a book by its cover. Jonathan is quite over weight, sports a hair style not particularly flattering to his figure, and obviously lacks poise and confidence. He admitted he has been the victim of rough treatment due to his looks and confessed he wouldn’t even have had the courage to stand on the stage if it were not for his friend Charlotte Jaconelli, the second half of their act, standing beside him.

Jonathan and Charlotte perform The Prayer on Britain's Got Talent (NOTE: BGT blocked it here but click on the words "watch on youtube")

The audience and the judges alike were thunderstruck by the duo’s performance but Jonathan over powered his partner in song. They powered through The Prayer a la Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion while the audience leaped to their feet in awe and adulation.

Cowell immediately proclaimed Jonathan a “star” and advised him to shed the other half of his act if he did not want to be held back on the show. Jonathan insisted they were a two-person act and Simon finally acquiesced admitting there was a certain amount of magic between them. All four judges agreed the singing pair should be put through to the next round.

Jonathan performing at a school function several years ago at age 14
Jonathan performing at a school function several years ago at age 14

It turns out Jonathan has appeared in videos on YouTube quite a bit in the last two years. It is apparent he is actually quite seasoned when it comes to singing in public, although, admittedly, singing on international television before millions is quite a step up from performing at school functions or in churches. Further research revealed he has had vocal training for the past four years.

It seems that Jonathan tends to develop bad cases of nerves and was actually treated for a nervous breakdown in October of 2011. He had to drop out of school since he can’t handle the rough treatment by his school mates. However, he has been seeing a psychiatrist and Jonathan along with his doctor and mother seems to feel he will be able to handle the pressure of show business and the fame it brings.

The videos below shows that Jonathan is used to performing in public

Susan Boyle was affectionately referred to in Britain as SuBo and now an extra letter has been added to the handle for Jonathan (SuBoy) to indicate his connectedness with Boyle albeit of the opposite sex.

We wish Jonathan the best on BGT and in his future singing career.


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    • TeaPartyCrasher profile image

      TeaPartyCrasher 5 years ago from Camp Hill, PA

      People like him are why shows like "America's Got Talent" are so popular.

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

      Oh this is truly beautiful and here's to so many more hubs for us both to share on here.

      Take care


    • BooksGalore profile image

      BooksGalore 5 years ago from Hawaii

      He certainly is gifted. He is definitely one to watch.

    • Athlyn Green profile image

      Athlyn Green 5 years ago from West Kootenays

      I am so happy to have discovered this young man. His talent is incredible.