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Jopaul "Time of My Life" - Album Review

Updated on October 22, 2015

According to Jopaul he's having the time of his life. It's one party after the other, one girl after another, and an endless barrage of binge drinking with the bro's and ho's in his loose knit clique. In a way, "Time of My Life", could be the soundtrack from an imaginary movie about excessive millennial merry making.

Apparently the millennial prayer is not just about the ability to drink and do drugs as much as you want, but to not suffer the consequences of getting sick or hung-over from doing so. Know what I mean? It's like doing the dance without being forced to remit the required payment to the piper at the end of the tune. Generation Y'ers aren't really that into cleaning up messes at the end of the day.

"Time of My Life" embraces the hedonistic attitude of anything for a good time. It's a celebration of celebrating with the deep moral message of, "Don't bring me down, Brah!" In Jopaul's world a buzz is a terrible thing to waste, I guess. In other words, don't kill the text messenger and beware of rocket surgeons.

Jopaul doesn't have a bad voice, although it sometimes hard to tell since it's pretty much buried beneath all the auto tuning and electronic vocal effects. Most of the songwriting is competent to average, I really didn't hear much more than b-sides in the eleven tracks (and one remix) here. The overall production on the EDM styled "Time of My Life" is popping pretty much from beginning to end of the album in a true, but predictable, party music mode. So put it on, turn it up loud, and then numb your brain out with the intoxicating substances of your choice and just dance, dance, dance. Aww yeah...


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