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Jordan and Peter Andre to get back together?

Updated on December 29, 2011

Reality TV stars, can they carry on apart much longer?

I was never a Peter Andre or Jordan aka Katie Price fan back when they were famous for things other than being acouple who later split up. But I am a fan of reality television and have watched for years with avid fascination as these two met, got loved up, dressed up and set out to prove the public wrong and failed, by epic proportions, yet won by making millions in revenue.

I first remember watching a documentary about Katie Price when she was only known to the world as 'Jordan'. I thought she was a very annoying character, the kind of friend you would love to slap but would remain friends with forever as they were so annoyingly entertaining. From the early footage you could see how Ms. Price was trying to persuede the public that she was just an ordinary girl who was fortunate enough to make a good living from modeling but who lived a life of misery due to the pitfalls of fame. Those pitfalls being her inability to choose a decent man and the media that had created her. Yes, the media had created a monster, but a very entertaining one that we could all judge.

Whilst those early documentaries tried to show another side to Jordan, they just helped show how easy it was to take a good thing and screw it up, weather that be a simple life, a modelling a career or a relationship with a premiership footballer. However, the one thing these docs did not appear to show her screwing up was Motherhood.

Katie met Peter in the Tarzan and Jane back drop of the Australian jungle and it was a match made in media heaven, however, the main appeal was at how long the relationship would last and whether the pair really wanted one another or a career boost. As it turns out, the answer seems to have been both.

Of course, the marriage failed. How could it survive, under the microscopic glare of us celeb hungry fans fed by the media and the fly on the wall documentaries that seemed to follow every part of their life together, intimately, from the very beginning. Yes, they were portrayed as likable people, ordinary in their family life, just with more money, popularity and that little life changing thing called fame. They seemed to have the Midas touch together and when you threw the kids in to the mix, you had the whole package, a twenty four seven reality show that played out daily in the tabloids and weekly on screen.

But the two seem to have the same appeal apart as they did together. Is anyone really interested in Jordan's quest for a model, other than those that actually want to be a model? Does anyone REALLY think Peter Andre makes decent songs? Yes he regularly insults Insania and Mysterious Girl himself, but they are his better tracks. He and she are both faces for our celeb hunger. We love the He said she said gossip, the bitchy tweets and the doctored pics, we gorge on the gossip and then regurgitate it.

Kate Price seems to have realised that Mr Andre's new appeal is mainly from his 'family guy' persona and reports claim that she tried to stop him includng their kids in his reality tv show, which of course would be a little bit boring as it would just be him moaning about having a bad throat, eating food with his brothers and Gino Decampo whilst drinking coffee, but still I think we would watch it, if only for the minute tit bits of info that he gives to camera about what is going on with him and Katie. Of course, Harvey is allowed to appear in his Mother's show, which was airing as she made the apparent attack on Andrea using their children.

This gossip fuels more gossip and keeps them under the media's gaze. But for how long? How long will it be before they actually give things a real chance? Peter's mental illness, the media's magnifying glass and their lust for fame and riches surely mean they deserve another chance. If not will they simply fizzle out. Yes, Katie P has her writting career, where she takes a bit of her old party life and make a rough sketch of an interesting story, tells this to an actual writer and they write a story using some of KP's ideas and then teenage girls and Chantel Houghton wannabes go out and buy, even attempt to read it and Jordan goes 'kerching', but seriously how long before those girls and 'hag-fags' realise that reading actual words may give you wrinkles, then that career is down the drain.

I predict a marriage on the cards....Or Prince William and his Kate will sign up for a series or two....


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