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Artist Review & Interview: Daniel Lockhart (A.K.A. ProgRockDan1)

Updated on January 18, 2013

Artist Review & Interview: Daniel Lockhart (A.K.A. ProgRockDan1)

Daniel Lockhart A.K.A. ProgRockDan1 is an artist with a very versatile range of style. He has worked with musicians from several other countries on many of his songs, which contributes to his versatility in styling.

I had a few questions for him and he agreed to answer a few things for me.

After listening to your music I noticed a wide variety of styles. What genre would you classify your music as?

“I started liking Progressive rock and jazz. However, I find I like all styles of music (classical, country, rock, blue-grass, funk, jazz...). If you listen to "Witches" on YouTube you will find a more Heavy Metal sound. I also have a punk song (It sucks sucks sucks) on YouTube. You will also find more classical influenced songs (Jamestown or Big Horn Sunrise). There are also several songs in odd time signatures (3, 5, 7, 11) ala Dave Brubeck.

I classify my music as "Other" on ReverbNation because I let the music come to me as it arrives. I want to do the best I can to convey the idea that enters my head. I want to explore as much musical ground as I can.”

When did you start writing/creating music?

“I have been writing music for many years. However, it is only recently that I bought software that is sufficient to bring my ideas to life. I try to allow the music to come to me from whatever source. I was in Istanbul a while back and I heard in a cab. I liked the structure of beats. You will find the song on YouTube it is called "Turkish Delight". I took the beats from what I heard. The rest came from other influences.”

What instruments do you play, or tools do you use when recording/editing?

“I play guitar, bass, keyboards, mandolin, banjo, and erhu. I use (and love) cubase for its ability to use midis. I am a big fan of the midis available in cubase. I have also purchased East-West symphony orchestra and other East-West products. I try to combine real instruments and midis in most of my recordings. I like working with others and I am always looking for talented collaborators.”

Tell me about people you have recorded with?

“I have recorded with people in Arizona, Seattle, Germany, England, Belgium, Australia and other places. We collaborate on the internet and find ways to record together. Each relationship is unique and intriguing. I very much enjoy my relationship with Matt Smith (Australia). I like the music we make together. I also enjoyed participating in the Ships of Gold song (On PRDVocals).”

What is it that you look to get out of your music?

“I love to write music. I am in it for the fun. I write about 2 songs a week. Some I never post because they suck. Sometimes I post a song that is not very good and I get rid of it.”

To Check out ProgRockDan1’s music visit:!/progrockdan1

Happy Browsing,

Josh D


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