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Josie and John James - The Big Brother Love Story

Updated on October 22, 2014

John and Josie


John James and Josie moving in together

Everybody saw Josie Gibson and John James Partons summer romance, develop in the Big Brother house.

But with their highs and lows and their ups and downs, no one really knew if it would last.

Viewers questioned if John James even felt the same way, as the self confessed 'Randy Mare.'

However, since Josie won the show, and then walking out of the ultimate Big Brother house into the arms of her sweetheart John James, their relationship has been going from strength to strength.

Last Wednesday, they did their first and only interview with OK Magazine, despite John James saying he would never sell his story to the press..........

They walked into the OK offices beaming with news, that they were now moving in together in London. John James said

"We have talked, and we really want to make a go of this,"

However it's not been all good since they left the house, as recent tabloid stories of Josie's family past have left the 25yr old Bristolian both shaken and hurt.

It would seem that is theses same family tragedies, that have brought Josie and John James closer together.

OK magazine did a feature interview on Josie and John on a farm, as that is where Josie grew up. They asked them what animal they would each be? Josie said John would be a goat because he is totally stubborn, to which John said

"Josie would be a duck because when they eat their food it doesn't touch the sides."

He then went on to say "Josie doesn't even chew she just inhales her food,"

Josie laughs her head off and says "I love my food, I do."

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Josie Gibson and John James Future Plans

When asked if they had seen their Big Brother footage as yet, Josie said they were both nearly crying when they saw the John and Josie love story, that had been put together on YouTube.

John then went on to say, that since Josie won Big Brother, he feels a certain amount of pressure. He says Josie is in the spotlight a lot, where as he is liked and disliked 50/50.

John said he is not bothered what other people think, as long as Josie knows who he really is. He said it wasn't nice for him being abused on Big Brothers Big Mouth, by people that love Josie but hate him.

He didn't find the experience easy to deal with. John James said he loves Josie and would do anything for her, he knew he loved her from early on, but didn't know if he was in love with her properly until they were outside the house.

When they were inside the house and had arguments, it was a million times worse than when he argued with someone else. We all saw how upset he got in the diary room over Josie, and John says

"I felt like I was loosing her, that's why I went of the rails towards the end, I didn't care about the show anymore, all I cared about was Josie, she was the only reason I was still there. If it wasn't for her I would have left the house and got on the next plane to Australia, I was loosing control of my feelings and I just thought I will leave and we will sort it all out, when we are both out of the house."

tearfully, Josie says "Its nice having someone love you like that."

John and Josie have both previously said their rubbish in bed and rated themselves 2 out of 10, but Josie says they are really comfortable with each other in that way because they are friends as well, so they have now upped themselves to 9.9 out of 10.

It was John James birthday last Saturday, and they stayed in the hotel room all day with a lot of catching up to do. John and Josie have decided to get a six month contract on a flat in London and see how things go living together. John was originally going to move in with housemate JJ but wants to see how things go living with Josie instead.

Josie and John James have both tragically lost their fathers, and although they didn't know these things about each other before they got close, they certainly made them closer once they did.

Josie said "we say our Dad's are up in heaven chatting about us, looking down on them and saying oh your daughter seems nice, your son seems alright,"

John talked about how he and his Dad were working on a building site last year, and all the scaffolding was up, and gale force winds were coming, John's Dad and his best friend went out to the building and it collapsed, crushing his Dad, John says he was only 200 metres away at the time, and the building missed his best friend completely and crushed his Dad.

Josie lost her Dad when she was at primary school, her Dad died after suffering a knife wound by her Uncle after her Dad had a affair with his wife.

Josie says she remembers going to primary school and her best friend said to her "your Dad died last night didn't he" Josie said "errrr No" and her friend replied "yeah he did, my Mum told me he died," but Josie was still adamant that her Dad was still very much alive.

She remembers dinner ladies looking at her funny, and whispering, and then when she got home that day her Mum sat her down and told her. Josie says her dads family do not speak to her, maybe because she reminds them of her Dad, but she would love to go round and see them and have a cup of tea and a chat.

John says when he heard stuff was coming out in the press about her Dad, it made him want to protect her more, he said he wanted to look after her and stop her being hurt,

John James and Josie say they are not engaged despite what is being said, but Josie wouldn't really be down for the big white wedding anyway. John James jokes that half the church would be filled with half of Bristol and the other half of Australians, and Sam Pepper would be his flower boy.

Josie has already got baby names as well she wants Rico or Caleb for a boy and Davina for a girl.

While at their interview ,John Mccririck phones up to invite Josie and John James out to dinner at the Ivy with wife Booby, Josie says "John Mccririck is lovely really but don't tell anyone."

Josie ends the interview by saying she wishes everyone knew how amazing John James is, she said I love him more than ever, more and more each day, then finishes up with

"I really am a lucky mare aren't I"

Josie & John James Love Story Video (@johnandjosiex)


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    • profile image

      aprilbyrd 6 years ago

      i love josie so much she is the sweetest girl i ever saw and i rooted 4 her 2 win the whole time and when she did i was so happy i cried!!!! p.s. i had a daughter april 20 and her name is josie james i love u guys and am so happy 4 u both u really deserve 2b happy josie ya randy mare :> greetings from waveland mississippi, pss if i ever get 2 go 2 bristol the sole reason will b 2 meet josie and give her a hug!

    • zoey24 profile image

      zoey24 7 years ago from South England

      Thanks for your comments guys :)

    • profile image

      emma 7 years ago

      i love you josie and john james i think you r soooooo good togever and when i gonna have a baby i'm gonna call it josie after you love you 2 xxxx

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      i lovejosie and jonh jame sxxxxxxxx