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Judas Priest and Pop Evil Concert

Updated on August 17, 2009

Judas Priest and Pop Evil Concert

Concerts are always fun. Concerts at the Nokia Theatre in Grand Prarie, Texas are even better. Concerts at the Nokia Theatre in Grand Prarie, Texas where the bands are actually good are the best! When I saw Judas Priest here, they were supposed to be playing with Whitesnake and Pop Evil. One of those bands was not able to make it due to the lead singer badly messing up his vocal chords a few nights prior. Unfortunately, the band that did not make it was Whitesnake.

Pop Evil came out really loud and fun, but it just slowly went south from there. The lead guitarist was a beast, and while the other members were off stage he was ripping out huge solo riffs and the crowd (who was very small at this point) was enjoying that. The bassist was… Anyways the lead singer was difficult to understand, but you could still tell the songs didn’t make a ton of sense and did not match each other well. During Pop Evils last song of the night, the guitarist broke out into “Walk” by Pantera in the middle of a solo. This was not received well by the many fans. Overall, this was the second worst band I had seen at the Nokia, the absolute worst being The Sleeping a couple years ago.

Then there was Judas Priest. Their famous album British Steel came out 30 years ago and for the anniversary, the Priest played the entire British Steel album to start off the set. This was awesome! Then once they finished that, they continued with a plethora of other songs with matching backgrounds – they had at least 5 five different backgrounds it seemed. Songs that were not played which surprised us were Turbo Lover and Hell Bent for Leather. Later on, the singer rode out on a big loud motorcycle and sang a whole song while sitting on it. The light show was very neat. The lasers always add a cool effect provide something fun to look at while rocking out. By the time Judas Priest started playing, it looked like the placed was packed – with or without Whitesnake there. Keep in mind that while the Priest was playing this high-voltage rock, these are some old dudes. Judas Priest has been around for almost 40 years! Just because they are old however, doesn’t mean that they can’t rock, and that they can’t wear pink leather pants (?). Also, I noticed that the band was staying reasonably still and staying in one place most of the night – not like a bunch of band today that jump around doing kicks and skydiving during their performances. My friend had already seen Judas Priest once and his dad has seen them 3 other times before that, so their show is definitely worth watching! Overall Judas Priest put on a great show and still has a huge fan base.



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    • parkerk393 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Arlington, Texas

      Yeah they weren't good at all. It's too bad good talent isn't recognized anymore...

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I agree, I've known PopEvil since there Grand Rapids days and thought they blew then. I guess it goes to show, even if you work real hard at a TURD, pretty soon someone will smell it.

    • parkerk393 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Arlington, Texas

      Thanks for the comment jamc! Yeah I saw the on August 13th. Great show. I have no idea how Pop Evil got to be the opener for Judas Priest and Whitesnake (even though Whitesnake wasn't there). Rock will never die!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Hey parker393, last night (08/16/09) I went to the Judas Priest concert in Tampa, Fl. and I absolutely agree with you. That "band" Pop Evil, completely SUCKS. Judas Priest blew the coliseum away with their show. Those guys can still rock and will rock forever.


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