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Are You an Accomplished Juggler?

Updated on February 21, 2019

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Most people equate juggling with entertainment, after all, many of us have at one time or another seen images or performances by those talented individuals who make this art look amazingly easy. Some of the entertainers I have seen are truly amazing, and their hand-eye coordination is incredible.

However, I would like to mention that every one of us is and has been at one time in our lives, a juggler. Yes, you read that correctly. We all juggle - we just juggle different things, most commonly, our jobs, finances, family, house work, friends, bills, free time (is there such a thing?), entertainment, home repairs, weekend work, school, etc. Did I mention bills?

...And for those parents out there, you also have your kid's soccer practice, piano lessons, paper routes, field trips, and all those wonderful activities that you need to drive them to, fund raise for, and participate in along with your children.

Then there are people like us - writers. Not only do we have all our "regular" things to juggle, we also have to find time to write, answer comments, post articles and market our work. When you have more than one place you write for, it can become quite a feat just to get everything done. I must admit to falling behind from time to time, but I keep working at becoming more proficient at my craft.

So for all you writers out there who also have families, outside jobs, or a myriad of other obligations and things to organize, I salute you. It is hard enough to juggle writing, never mind everything else we are "supposed to do". (Rather like all the things I am putting on hold to write this!)

America's Got Talent

America's Got Talent

Recently, the show America's Got Talent had several jugglers auditioning for a spot on their program. It was amazing to watch their performances - each one slightly different from the others, yet they all made their work appear simple and effortless.

The video featured here is an audition for America's Got Talent. This contestant managed to get through to the next round not only because he has talent, but he also keep the judges interested and entertained.

Not everyone is fortunate to have an opportunity like this and be able to capitalize on it.

WJF - World Juggling Federation

Believe it or not, there is a World Juggling Federation, where jugglers from all over come to compete and hone their skills. There are free for alls, free style competitions, skills, pairs competitions, and a variety of other categories for different skill levels. (Something I didn't know before writing this hub.) I wonder if they have a category for people like us? I know I could use a bit of instruction when it comes to juggling all my obligations and not dropping the ball...or chainsaw!

The equipment that jugglers use can be quite costly, and are generally purchased in actual juggling stores...another thing I didn't know before writing this article. One pin can cost $35.00 which can make for a big expense when using more than three to five. There are a variety of objects, aside from torches, bowling balls and kitchen implements that jugglers use, from pins to rings with a whole array in between.

Practice makes perfect

This is definitely one hobby or "job" that can be transposed to "real life". As I mentioned earlier, every one of us is a juggler. It just remains to be seen how much practice we have had. Like the couple in the video above, we need to practice, practice, practice, in order to be good!

Whether you are juggling bills or balls, you need to start out small. Don't expect to pick up 6 balls or rings and achieve perfection. Remember - what goes up must come down, so you need to practice a lot before you start juggling those chainsaws! Personally, I think I'll stick to non physical items for my juggling - I'm not exactly skilled in hand/eye coordination...



If you are serious about pursuing a career in juggling, I would suggest attending a juggling school, circus skills workshop, or at least take classes. There aren't that many job openings for jugglers, so it might be a good idea to have another career picked out to fall back on, should you not get hired on.

If you are interested in juggling as a hobby or just to impress your friends, I'm sure there are courses available - check your area listings, or at the very least a "how-to" video that can teach you what you need to learn...the rest is up to you!

I certainly wish they had schools to learn how to juggle bills, kids, shopping and work...oh right...they do! It's called life...

It certainly wouldn't hurt to take a page from the juggler's book. Practice makes perfect, whether you are a hobbyist or simply a mom trying to balance everything life has to offer. This is a must for people like me who have trouble walking and chewing gum. I think I should sign up for classes...those dust bunnies can be lethal when they leap at you from out of nowhere...


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