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Julia Perez - Indonesian Singer Actress

Updated on August 10, 2010

Yuli Rachmawati, also known as Julia Peres or Jupe (read: jew-peh), was born July 15, 1980 in Jakarta.

Since returning to Indonesia in 2007, after a decade of stay in Netherland and France, she has soon becoming a booming and most wanted celebrity.

After some years in Netherland, on a vacation in Spain, Julia (born Yuli) met her future husband, a French guy, who gave her his surname, Perez. Her husband introduced her to fashion business in French and soon she appeared in men’s magazine like FHM and Maxim.

She made her first career step in Indonesia as she went home in 2006, and accompanied her sister to a soap-opera audition. She ended up getting recruited and started her career as a singer and film actress. She is entitled as a sex bomb in Indonesia. Her best-selling album is called Kamasutra, which included a free condom, caused her a lot of protests and got her banned from performing in several cities outside the capital city Jakarta.

Recently she was nomited to be a politician leader of Pacitan district in East Java. which triggered a lot of protest with arguments that she no nothing about politics and only being used by the party only to drag intentions. And this has been labeled as a sign of Indonesian’s lack of credible politicians.

Julia Perez “So what if I’m sexy?” Ms. Perez said. “You can still eat tomorrow if you see me and find me sexy. But if I steal your money, tomorrow you cannot eat and tomorrow you cannot go to school and tomorrow you’ll be a hopeless man.”

Julia Perez “I’m learning politics from television and newspapers,” she said.

I hope and I think Ms. Perez knows best where her talent is and what she wants to be.

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    • profile image

      APRILLIA SARI 6 years ago

      hi...salam buat kakak julia yg sya minati dri dlu smpai skrng.sya suka gaya kak julia,sya tdk perlu comment apa2 tntang hal cara berpakaian kakak.tpi sya mintak jaga diri baik2,jangn ter makan rayu an gombal laki2 yang hanya bisa menyesat kan kita.salam sayang buat kakak julia dari sari di indonesia....????

    • profile image

      mus... 6 years ago

      hi..salam buat kamu yg saya minati dari dulu sampai sekarang.saya mau comment hal bf kamu yg saya juga sama macam ibu kamu tk berkenan..kerana saya percaya dia bukan jodoh kamu yg boleh sampai mati hinga akhirat.lihat outside saja wajahnya tidak membayangkan boleh membimbing kamu kejalan yg allah reda..carilah yg lain yg ibu dan allah redza.lambat sikit tk apa asal bahagia dunia n akhirat.asal jangan kamu gadai ugama islam kerana cintaaaa...sabar lah.maaf ya kerana comment ini yg wakil seluruh warga malaysia yg sayang sama kamu dan ugama kita....salam sayang buat kamu...+60167611995.

    • profile image

      mitha 6 years ago

      wooow its my like

    • profile image

      sandra 6 years ago

      tante julia sblm t'lmbt mnding tnte cari TUHAN dan b'tobat semuax blm t'lambt dr pd foto hot dan m'bwt nafsu laki-laki,shingga nafsux kan b'imbas pda ank gadis.

    • profile image

      yusep 7 years ago


    • profile image

      bud 7 years ago

      She has great looks, so no wonder she is popular. She is also a good actress as well.


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