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Julie Taymor's Across The Universe

Updated on December 2, 2012

Visually stunning! I missed "Across the Universe" in the theaters which I now regret. The visual effects are breath-taking. Julie Taymor is a very gifted director. I haven’t been a big fan of her films until this one. As a director and editor, it is very inspiring to see a work such as this one. I popped the DVD in not knowing exactly what the story was supposed to be. I figured out that the story is not about anyone specific person in history. It’s basically a love story taking place in the early 60’s expressing how people felt frustrated about the war and protested it. Although the ’Jude’ character wasn’t John Lennon there were characteristics thrown in about his family background and being an artist. There are a lot of great up-and-coming actors in this film. Jim Sturgess, a musician in real life, was a natural for the ’Jude’ character. Evan Rachel Wood, perhaps the only somewhat known actress with film and TV credits, also grew up singing and doing theater. She was wonderful. The actor that I was most excited about was seeing Dana Fuchs in the role of Sadie. I had seen this woman with the most powerful voice perform in NYC at a small club. She’s the female version of the young Led Zep Robert Plant. It’s no wonder she was picked to play Janis Joplin for Love, Janis on stage. I think there’s a movie in the works. If not, I hope there is. Bono was great in the film. The only character I thought was slightly mis-cast was Eddie Izzard. The part called for singing which he is clearly not a singer. I’d rather just watch the Yellow Submarine inserted for this section. All in all, a very passionate story...and the music!!! It’s about time to see a movie with the full appreciation for the BEATLES. Let those songs see the light of day. Strawberry Fields Forever.’

Beatles hanging high at The Grove in LA




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