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Jun Natsukawa, Japanese Supermodel That Created Controversy Because of Her Age

Updated on December 23, 2017

A few photos of Jun Natsukawa from the Princess Collections 2006-2008)


Jun Natsukawa has had a personal life filled with controversy

There are very strange things that happen in life and supermodel or Japanese idol Jun Natsukawa has a rather eccentric life story. The details surrounding her actual age have created controversy over the years. At first, she initially said that she was born in 1983. But in March 2007, she announced that her actual date of birth is September 19, 1980. That would now make her 35 years old instead of 32 years old. Natsukawa is a native of Hiroshima, Japan. In November 2010, she became engaged to her boyfriend and on January 1, 2011, she announced that she had officially registered her marriage. In Japan, it is common practice that couples who plan on getting married must register their marriage. Natsukawa was one of 240 people that attended the wedding of actress and bikini model Misako Yasuda on April 5, 2015 in Tokyo.

How is Natsukawa different from other Japanese supermodels?

Jun is a little different from some of the other Japanese supermodels in the sense that she has released lots of photo collection DVDs instead of actual videos. In 2003, she worked with the Pyramid Art House and soon after that, her first photo DVD “Believe” was released. Her two latest photo DVD releases as of this writing are Naturally in 2007 and Breeze in 2008. A few other of her photo DVDs include Virtual Love, False Start, and Perfect Collection.

Jun Natsukawa has also worked briefly as an actress

In 2004, Jun worked on a project with Japan’s Asahi TV called “Angel Eye.” In 2006, she got a big break in her career when she became the KYOURAKU image girl “Miss Surprise.” She also made an appearance on the Japanese TV show called ”Pink No Idenshi.” In the show, Natsukawa plays the role of a schoolgirl that falls in love with her teacher. She also made an appearance on the reality show called “Geirinji” as herself.

A few more photos of Jun Natsukawa


Her musical work and appearance in the video game Yakuza

As for her musical work, that is very limited. In October 2005, Jun made and released a CD called “Himetra Trance.” In the CD, she did a cover song for the theme song of the anime called “Cat’s Eye.” Jun is also featured in the PlayStation 2 game Yakuza. There are few pictures. In the game, if you enter Kyushu No. 1 Star, a magazine by the name of Sabra will show up on a table. If the user clicks on it, then 5 pictures of her will show up. I think that Jun looks too much like a teenager and she is just too thin. But she may be some people’s favorite Japanese idol. But Jun does have nice eyes.

A photo session involving Jun Natsukawa


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