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The Ladykillers

Updated on August 9, 2016
Teaser poster for our production of The Ladykillers
Teaser poster for our production of The Ladykillers

Nolly's Notes from The Ladykillers

'The Ladykillers’ was a very happy show and Nolly has asked me to include the following letter from her about it:

If you missed Ladykillers, you missed an excellent show. I am sure you would have been there if you could because we all know what great support to a cast is the audience reaction.

I was very fortunate in being cast as one of Martyn’s ‘Gaggle of old ladies’ and just wanted to congratulate all involved on this excellent production.

Martyn, did a fantastic job and produced what proved to be a most entertaining evening. Lizzie was really on the ball and gave excellent direction and advice at exactly the right moment.

Rehearsing between chairs for weeks proved to be quite a task so the wonderful work, Rod, Alan, Bob, Dave and Heinz had done making and setting up what proved to be a perfect set, was much appreciated by cast and audience alike. Unless we are taking part in a production we seldom realise, (although appreciate), how much work is done by other people working for our benefit behind the scenes so to speak so I would like to thank:-

Nigel, for his expert lighting and incredible sound effects. (I have gone off parrots for life). Rachel who did an excellent job with props and proved what an expert she is at bringing blood to the surface at a moment’s notice. Jill, who looked after front of house so brilliantly, looking after ticket sales and the lovely ladies who made refreshments in the interval etc. Alan, hair stylist supreme who made all those 1950’s hair styles, both boys and girls, look so good every night. Catherine, such a talented lady read in for absentees at rehearsals and proved to be a superb prompt.

We are so lucky to have so many men in the group, there was a time when we had so few, for that reason alone it was very difficult to cast a play. Now, not only do we have several but also very talented gentlemen. I felt this was not just a funny play but a very happy production. There was always a very happy atmosphere and an absolute delight to watch the gentlemen in the cast visibly change into the characters in the play.

Brett, although not in the best of health turned into a very understanding and compassionate policeman who dealt with great confidence and understanding with a rather confused elderly lady. Andrew, so energetic, the conniving and devious professor was so convincing and charming. Half the time in rehearsal I was worried that he would, too soon, be strangled by his scarf! Adrian, with his gruff voice, military bearing and a strange but convincing passion for ladies dresses. Paul, who I watched metamorphose into a punch drunk amateur boxer. Jordan, happily pill popping and making jokes which poor Simon just didn’t understand. Simon, was it his excellent foreign accent or his terror of old ladies which made him so convincing? Marie, was incredible, taking up the part of this slightly eccentric old person several rehearsals into the production not only managing that to perfection but also sorting out costumes for the majority of the cast. Hilda and Vanessa perfectly portrayed elderly ladies, thought of things to come girls? Last but by no means least it was a great support to see Maria at many of our rehearsals.

Wondering if I could book the quartet to play at my next birthday party, if I am lucky enough to have one. Does anyone know of an inexpensive outlet for ear plugs?

Hugs, Nolly

Cast Photo
Cast Photo


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