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June/July Newsletter 2016

Updated on August 9, 2016
Brett in Blitz to Broadway
Brett in Blitz to Broadway

Sad News

This has been a very emotional and sad month for us all which started with the death of dear Brett. I’m sure he would have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and affection for him over the past few weeks.

A big thankyou to all the Chandeliers that came to Brett’s funeral and I know that his family are very grateful to you all for the support that you have given them. They have already raised over £4,000 for the Liver Trust and I know this will go up even more over the coming weeks.


The AGM was a difficult evening for us all and again a big thank you to all of you for your support on what was a very emotional evening. It was lovely that Brett’s family were able to be there and receive his awards. We will miss Brett in all aspects of the Chandeliers life and owe it to him to make the best of every day we have,

We welcomed Simon and Neil onto the committee and said a fond farewell to Lizzie and Hazel and thanked them for all their hard work. I am enclosing a list of all those who won awards as some of you were not able to be there:

Kids Cup (Female) Under 18 - Sarah George

Young Achiever (18-25) The “Henry” - Jordan Lee

Young Achiever (18-25) Julian Fullman Trophy - Rachel Cheeseman

Best Newcomer - Catherine Beach

Best performance in a minor role - Brett Baker

Best Character Performance - Simon King

Best supporting role - female - Vanessa Pantrey

Best supporting role - male - Paul Parker

Best comedy performance - Freddy Dhombres

Gofer Trophy - Rachel Cheeseman

Backstage Merit - Rod Kimber

View from the box - Hannah Mason

Chandeliers Bloomer - Nolly Clarke

Chairman’s Award - Jill Cheeseman

Best Actress - Marie Quarman

Best Actor - Adrian Cheeseman

Chandelier of the year - Brett Baker

There will be an extra award next year in memory of Brett but this has still to be agreed as to what it will be for with his family.

Bearsted Carnival

We took part in the Bearsted Carnival Parade and a big thank you to those who took part and dressed up as it was very last minute. We gave out many flyers during the walk to advertise our one act plays and our society. As this was so successful and we felt we started to get noticed in the community we have decided to make it an annual event and next year we will plan more in advance. A huge thank you to Neil who did the arranging and to him and Freddy who came ‘tangoed’ as ‘Oom pa loompahs’ and then went to the Poppy Fields dressed in costume and makeup! Don’t ask what the reaction was!

Bearsted Carnival - 100 Years of Roald Dahl

Sue, Sue Who?

there will be a read through on Mon. 18th July and auditions on Thurs. 21st July for Rod’s play ‘Sue, Sue who?’ which is being directed by Penny. The cast is as follows:

Mum/Sue her home is her world, and she hears just what she wants to hear

Stan the son whose stag night it is

Barry the goody goody best friend/best man

Clare the bride-to-be, deeply in love but concerned about Stan’s ability to be a husband

Dad/Roger loves his wife but leads his own life, letting her think what she likes, sometimes bending the truth to help her in her dream world

Stripper/Sue (yes, another Sue) really a pole dancer, a girl who knows how to enjoy a good time, actually a nice polite girl that even mum would like as a daughter-in-law

Clive owner of taxi company, same age as Dad, a money grabber

American girl/Sue (yes, another Sue)

Also two female telephone voices.

I am told by Rod that the stripper does not have to strip!

Do please support Rod and Penny in this venture it is so nice to support ‘home-grown’ talent.

Sunday Club

We had a very productive Sunday Club last weekend where we put away all the

‘Ladykillers’ set. This is going to be a regular thing on the last Sunday of the month,

the next one being the 31st July. We do need some different people to go to these as

so far it has been the same few people. The aim is to familiarise all members with

the barn and what needs doing there. The next session will probably be a painting

one. Please, could you let me know asap if you can be there as I am away on

holiday and if we got a rota going for each month it would be fairer and not such

a burden for just a few. We also need people who are interested in or have a flair for

set design and building sets. We only need a few people each month!

If you are also a qualified first aider please could you let us know.

Forthcoming events:

Sunday 28th August Sunday Club down the barn 1pm-3pm

Saturday 3rd September Heather’s charity concert at Snodland

Sunday 11th September Car Treasure Hunt (more details to follow)

Sunday 25th September Sunday Club 1pm – 3pm

Sat/Sun. 15th/16th Oct. ‘Sue, Sue who?’ at Larkfield Village Hall

Sunday 30th Oct. Sunday Club down the barn 1pm – 3pm

Saturday 12th November Quiz at Bearsted Memorial Hall

Sunday 27th November Sunday Club down the barn 1pm-3pm

Saturday 3rd December Christmas Party

Saturday 10th December Christmas Concert at Otham Church


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