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"Jupiter Ascending" Movie Review

Updated on July 17, 2015

"Jupiter Ascending" Movie Poster

"Jupiter Ascending" Movie Poster
"Jupiter Ascending" Movie Poster | Source

"Jupiter Ascending" Movie

Initial Thoughts

Before I saw "Jupiter Ascending" I heard -much like anyone else who has interest in upcoming movies- the atrocious reviews it received from critics. Naturally I was left confused at how a film could receive so much hate and more than a little turned off to seeing the film. I guess that makes me a sheep in a way, but the reviews were really horrible.

My exact perspective on the film based off of the outpouring of mudslinging was that the film was boring and designed for twelve year old boys who think Mila Kunis and stuff blowing up is hot. Basically I assumed it would disinterest me since I am in my twenties and a woman.

Jupiter Ascending Trailer

Rating of "Jupiter Ascending"

3 stars for "Jupiter Ascending"

Post Watching Thoughts

After watching a blu-ray copy of "Jupiter Ascending" (I rarely have time to go to the movie theater, so I pretty much only can enjoy movies at home) I can honestly say I didn't think it deserved the amount of loathing it received. It isn't that great of a movie, but a lot of science fiction movies aren't insanely great. There were a lot of people who kept on railing on it because it didn't live up to the Wachowskis older film: "The Matrix". Which I think is giving "The Matrix" far too much credit. "The Matrix" is a good movie but it isn't like the best movie that was ever made. The sequels were less great than the first one too so I'm not sure why so many people are setting a standard for the Wachowskis that simple is non existent. "Jupiter Ascending" and the rest of their films are all full of action, special effects, weapons going off, and really weird plot lines. That's their schtick. I think they're good filmmakers and I respect that they work together as a team (very few people can work with their siblings in a creative sense and get along and create something that earns them millions), but let's all face the fact that they aren't going to direct the next Oscar winner for best picture. I really don't mean to insult them by saying that because I suspect they don't care to win an Oscar. I mean everything about their films are anti-Oscar. I can just picture the two of them hanging out together dissing all the ENews crews reporting on all pagaentry and bells and whistles of the Oscars. And good for them for not caring what anyone else likes and instead doing what they want to do with their films.

Without giving too much away the main premise of "Jupiter Ascending" is the story of a young woman named Jupiter Jones (played by Mila Kunis, "Black Swan" "Oz the Great and Powerful) who learns that she is of intergalactic royalty and that she must save the human race from a formidable plot. She's assisted by a genetically engineered military hunter named Caine Wise (Channing Tatum, "21 Jumpstreet" "The Vow"). Other main actors of the film include: Eddie Redmayne ("The Theory of Everything"), Sean Bean ("Game of Thrones" "The Fellowship of the Ring"), and Douglas Booth ("Romeo and Juliet" "Noah").

The Good Parts of "Jupiter Ascending":

  • Action sequences with awesome CGI
  • Crazy Costumes and Makeup (as a makeup artist and stylist I always enjoy when movies put plenty of effort in costumes)
  • Freaky villains
  • Female lead

What is good about "Jupiter Ascending" makes up for the lower points. I enjoy action sequences in space as I am a fan of "Star Wars" and "The Fifth Element". Are action sequences like this recycled in a lot of science fiction films? Pretty much, but the point in watching a science fiction movie is to see crazy space action sequences with overloaded CGI.

The costumes and makeup were a visual treat. I am a freelance makeup artist, stylist, and fashion design student so I loved Jupiter's dress in one of the scenes. I even plan on doing a makeup tutorial hopefully soon of Jupiter's makeup.

Every film needs a good villain to make it work, but "Jupiter Ascending" had the most bat sh*t crazy villains that were just plain freaky. One of the main villains that was played by Eddie Redmayne was so insane I'd say he's on par with Jack Nicholson in "The Shining". He was just that nuts and weird. Yeah yeah, I know all the Nicholson fan freaks will be wanting to slap me, but c'mon Balem was insane!

The fact that the main lead or the "chosen one" was a woman made me enjoy the story a little more. It's boring when every science fiction movies that comes out has male "chosen one" characters. Neo from "The Matrix", Anakin from "Star Wars", Emmett from "The Lego Movie" (haha okay that's more making fun of the "chosen one" plotline so I'll give "The Lego Movie" a pass)... the list goes on and on. I wouldn't call Mila Kunis as Jupiter a very feminist role though as she gets saved a lot. But if you think about it Keanu Reeves as Neo got saved so much by his girlfriend Trinity that maybe the Wachoskis like doing this to show that even if you are the "chosen one" you need good supportive people around you to watch your back? Eh who knows! If you're a die hard feminist just stick to watching Trinity kick butt in "The Matrix".

The Bad Parts of "Jupiter Ascending":

  • Jupiter gets saved a lot by Caine
  • Some long dialogue that drags out
  • Ending is kind of underwhelming

I'm going to admit that I hated that Caine had to save Jupiter so much. It's okay if it's maybe once or twice, but it got ridiculous. I guess I'm kind of enjoying that some movies have begun creating more tough female heroes such as Fiona in "Shrek", Elsa and Anna in "Frozen", or Katniss from "The Hunger Games". It just would have been more modern seeming with less damsel in distress scenarios.

The dialogue at some points is long and can be boring if you dislike lots of dialogue. It's meant to explain this other world it's showing but it can get tedious.

The point that kind of confused me was the ending. Without saying what happened I'll just say it was disappointing. I wanted Jupiter to have a better ending scene that showed a promising future for her.

Who Will Enjoy "Jupiter Ascending"

My initial assumption that "Jupiter Ascending" is meant only for teen boys is incredibly wrong. I'd say few teen boys would love this unless they are die hard science fiction fans. The audience I'd say that "Jupiter Ascending" is most for are people who love science fiction that requires a lot of thought and audience attention to it. This isn't just some "Transformers" junk. It has a lot of dialogue and political issues involved within it. If you like reading science fiction novels (in fact the Wachowskis should consider creating a science fiction book series of "Jupiter Ascending") you'll probably like "Jupiter Ascending" more than someone who only likes catching an action flick.

"Jupiter Ascending" is most like "Star Wars Episode II", "The Fifth Element", "The Matrix", and "Star Gate". If you like any of these movies you may enjoy watching "Jupiter Ascending". I give it three stars out of five because it ultimately isn't the best science fiction movie ever. It's entertaining, I liked it, I like the cast, but it really isn't going to show up one of my top favorite movies list of all time.

What did you think of Jupiter Ascending?

What did you think of Jupiter Ascending?

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