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Jurassic World trailer review

Updated on April 20, 2015

Jurassic World, action movie, family movie, dinosaurs, Chris Pratt, adventure movie, 2015 movie, Steven Spielberg, science fiction

Yes, I loved Jurassic Park as a kid and it is refreshing to see a new one. This trailer is awesome in many ways. First off you gotta give it up for the new Sam Neil, Chris Pratt! He takes control of the film and allows us to follow him as he guides us through what is happening. He has both the charm and the confidence to pull off a likable character just like Sam Neil did. I am not worried at all if he can bring a strong human element to the film. So now for the rest: apparently a new dinosaur is made that is killing other dinosaurs for sport. I just love the wide shots of people running away from something because it gives you the suspense of wanting to know what could be causing such a disturbance. Plus the fact that they never show the dinosaur's face is also well done. The problem is that they do show it towards the end of the trailer.

But I have to say the greatest shot is of the dinosaurs lying dead on the ground as the voice over says she is killing for sport. A dinosaur in and of itself is scary enough but to have the presence of a number of other dinosaurs dead on the ground is massive. Although I wished they would have lingered on the shot a little longer I still think it is the most glaring part of the trailer. I can't imagine what kind of monster a strong enough to take out that many dinosaurs just for sport.

The idea of having humans team up with other dinosaurs to stop one huge one is awesome as well. Of course I am still worried about how much CGI they will use. The shot of Chris riding on the motorcycle next to the velociraptors is still awful to me because not only does it look fake it reminds me of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull effects. Hopefully that was just one bad shot and there aren't many like it. The rest of the trailer is mostly quick cuts and loud music. The last shot of the dinosaur coming out of water still catches my eye though.

Overall I think this trailer is very invigorating and if you don't have much interest in seeing Jurassic World now then you might after this trailer. Check it out!


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