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Jurassic World

Updated on June 13, 2015

My summary: The Jurassic World is a theme park now and like most businesses it needs something to keep the public interest alive so they made a dinosaur. Owen, played by Chris Pratt, is asked to help find the two cousins of Claire, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, after the dinosaur is on the loose. Owen explains why this dinosaur is out of control which is because it has no friends to interact with, it doesn't get any training from anyone, and it is in complete isolation so once it sees humans for the first time it will go crazy just. It's like in The Shining where a man is isolated from the rest of the world he starts to go crazy. Vic, played by Vincent D'Onofrio, wants to use the raptors that Owen trains to fight the dinosaur and eventually use them for military purposes because they follow orders well. So it is up to Owen and Claire to save the two boys, find a way to stop the dinosaur, and get out in one piece.

The Good: I was scared about how much CGI the film would use but the dinosaurs look absolutely realistic and visually appealing. There are shots when they look too fake but the majority of the time they are stunning. The greatest scenes are when Owen is training the raptors because you feel the connection being made between the characters. These aren't monsters but animals that need to eat, sleep, and learn just like everyone else. Owen trains them by connecting with them on a personal level like how a parent does with a child. It's mostly visual and there isn't too much exposition for this. You see these animals as sympathetic creatures who just need training and it helps to root for them later when they go up against the dinosaur. I wished the film focused more on this part rather than the people. The raptors have more time in the film and they were always my second favorite characters. SPOILER ALERT: There is a fight scene between the T-Rex and the new dinosaur which is very satisfying.

The Bad: First off nothing you see will strike you as new because it's the same formula that Speilberg has made time and time again. I would say the problems I have are not much technical or story problems but that nothing really interesting happens. It's like turning in an average project for a science fair that you can't hate but don't want to give any claps or awards to. All the actors are not bad but don't leave much of an impression on you except if you already liked the actor. I would say Chris Pratt did a good job but I couldn't see him doing it any better than any other actor his size. When he is training the raptors it's insightful but after that nothing he does seems like it would be remembered. The two brothers did absolutely nothing for me because they barely do anything except run away from dinosaurs and joke about Owen. The story had some build up as Claire is a woman who forgot how to be human because of what being a business person did to her. She then is concerned about how she will keep the park safe from closing after the dinosaur gets out but that's basically thrown away as soon as Owen comes by. Then Claire becomes the typical annoying woman who knows nothing and does nothing else. The one brother played by Nick Robinson I think can't act because he constantly has almost the same expression and tone throughout the entire film. He sounds monotone the whole time and annoying without any redeeming qualities to them. The reason why having little character in a movie like Jurassic World is different from having little in San Andreas is because the original Jurassic Park had interesting characters. It was not just a monster movie but a movie about dinosaurs against humans. The kids in the original were likable because they not only seemed realistic but also contributed to fighting off the dinosaurs. They didn't just run away but had to hide, out think them, and use their heads to figure things out. The kids in this film do nothing but run until Owen finds them and saves the day. When their aunt tells them to come back for reasons they don't know, they don't see other people around or dinosaurs, and part of the gate is broke what do they do? They decide to continue searching around the area instead of returning back to where they should have gone. You may say they are just kids but the original kids were too but never did something this irresponsible. You cared for the kids in the original because they were put in situations that they tried to solve and even if it didn't work you could empathize with their decision making. The mistakes they made were not anything you couldn't imagine making yourself. These kids made one big thoughtless decision and never do anything to help Owen so you don't care about them very much. The only reason they give you to like them is the little boy finds out his parents might be getting a divorce which is a cheap device for you to feel sorry for him. They never explore this problem again so there is no reason to care for them. Also I had a small problem with the new dinosaur because it looked too much like the T-Rex and not an original one. SPOILER ALERT: All the non-whites either die, aren't as essential to the plot, or don't get represented very positively. This is just my pet peeve I have because this used to be just a tongue-in-cheek joke but now it is getting ridiculous. It isn't even the joke anymore but the whole entire film. Simon Masrani, who is Indian, is the owner of the park who is a fool who didn't know what he created and then he is killed in a helicopter. Katashi Hamada who is an Asian American and head of the ACU is ripped to pieces by the dinosaur after looking for it early on in the film. Barry, who is French, is a Tamer for Owen's raptors is pushed to the side after being introduced and doesn't do anything else throughout the entire film. Claire, a woman as well as all the other females including the teens, does nothing but make mistakes, need a man to solve them, and does barely anything to help the main hero. Dr. Henry Wu, a Chinese American, is just the source of the problem and does nothing else to help. This lack of positive representation of minorities is a huge problem if in 2015 we still are seeing this tongue in cheek being played out in the big budget films. There is no reason these characters can't help the main character out more. Yes they might have contributed a little or so but the main hero had to be a Caucasian heterosexual male who has the strongest values among all the other characters in the film. The original film might have had it a little like this too but if you remember the little girl got the door closed from the raptor, Dr. Ellie Sattler worked with Sam Neil's character, and honestly that was 22 years ago so I think we should be farther than that.

Verdict: Underwhelming

If you are just interested in seeing the T-Rex again and a bunch of other dinosaurs you might enjoy the film. But don't go in expecting to be wowed often or even surprised because the characters are not identifiable except for Chris Pratt's, there's no real message like the first one, and not really much of the main dinosaur. It should have gone all out with the dinosaurs by just having them go at each other for a longer period of time but they don't. I'm glad I saw it for some of the suspense and build up but I wasn't wholly satisfied considering it is a blockbuster. Just go in with little expectations and you might find enjoyment.


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