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Jurassic World: Capitalism and Scientific Accuracy

Updated on December 29, 2014

Analysis Before the Movie Comes Out

Jurassic Park, the original one, was a movie that centered around a theme park filled with dinosaurs, but it inevitably becomes dangerous when the dinosaurs escaped. Needless to say the theme park never made it past the testing phase so normal civilians never appeared. The fourth movie looks to rectify that problem. However, with the new trailer for the new Jurassic Park movie, now called Jurassic World, out, there have been some arguments about certain aspects of the direction the movie is taking. Ignoring current ideas about dinosaurs like their possession of feathers, identification about who they are, and why continue to make even more potentially dangerous creatures through genetic engineering. However there may be some in-universe justification why the dinosaurs in this new movie have not changed much compared to the previous movies. Since it is implied that the original creator of Jurassic Park, John Hammond, died, the creators of Jurassic World want to respect his vision by genetically preventing the dinosaurs from exhibiting physical characteristics that have been recently discovered. Ignoring facts like the discovery that velociraptors are significantly smaller than the ones depicted in this film and past films can be reasoned as the developers of Jurassic World ignoring facts and concentrating on appealing to the crowds and that all the dinosaurs from this movie are not the genuine thing. And the fact that the trailers states that an even more dangerous dinosaur, a genetically modified creature, was created can be reasoned as commentary about how creed can trump the need for safety.

Respecting a Visionary

One picture that recently came out is a statue of John Hammond. A description about the picture basically reveals that John Hammond passed away before the events of Jurassic World. John Hammond was basically the person who conceptualized the idea of Jurassic Park, funded the research of creating the dinosaurs that would serve as the main attractions of Jurassic Park, and funded the entire construction of the park. In regards to how John Hammond's work affects why the dinosaurs look the way they do, it could be due to both a mix of using a formula that did not factor in the possibility of feathers and allowing John's contributions towards Jurassic World to live on and appear to other people as they most likely appeared to him. And while John Hammond actually had a diminished role thanks to the failure of Jurassic Park in the first movie, Jurassic World looks to be the enlarged and successful look at what John Hammond's vision for Jurassic Park would have looked like if it succeeded. And since John Hammond's Jurassic Park was not aware of the fact that some dinosaurs possessed feathers, Jurassic World looks to combine the nostalgia of John Hammond's Jurassic Park with the technological advances that were made in the modern setting of the movie and the new dinosaurs specimens that will be introduced. Unfortunately, while the trailer implies that the new park, Jurassic World, lasted much longer than the original Jurassic Park, something goes wrong.

The brains behind Jurassic World's outfit. Or at least the foundation of its creation.
The brains behind Jurassic World's outfit. Or at least the foundation of its creation.

Name is the Same. But It Should Not Be the Same

One thing that the modern paleontology has proven wrong is the identity of a velociraptor. In the original movie Jurassic Park velociraptors were shown to be these man-sized dinosaurs that could murder a man and hunted in packs. While the hunting in packs idea may have been true, recent discoveries have shown the velociraptor in a different light. They are small, they had feathers, and they probably did not look or act as terrifying as the larger version seen in the Jurassic World trailer. However, the giant version of vrlociraptors have become so iconic to Jurassic Park in-universe and one of the reasons could be that Jurassic World finds the larger version more appealing. Nostalgia aside, Jurassic World most likely used whatever research went into the original Jurassic Park and decided that keeping the velociraptors just the way they are would save time and money compared to trying to make scientifically accurate velociraptors. Especially with the addition of giant aquatic creatures likes mosasaurus. And with the reveal that the main scientist behind the original genetic engineering of the dinosaurs, Dr. Henry Wu, was a part of filling the theme park with all of its dinosaurs, one gets the feeling that Dr. Henry Wu could not include feathers because his method of reproducing dinosaurs is incapable of producing feathers. And since the first movie and this movie described Dr. Henry Wu's dinosaur reproduction as a process that used frog DNA to help reconstruction, not only is the resulting dinosaur technically not a dinosaur, but the frog DNA most likely prevents the growth of feathers.

That is not a velociraptor......
That is not a velociraptor......
...... This is a velociraptor.
...... This is a velociraptor.
All those samples. All those chances for everything to go wrong.
All those samples. All those chances for everything to go wrong.

Greed is a Bad Factor for Genetic Engineering

As stated earlier, the dinosaurs in Jurassic World are all genetically engineered products of dinosaur DNA and DNA from animals like frogs. Technically that means that while they physically look like what a dinosaur might have looked like when it was alive, it really is just an imitation that is not a true dinosaur. Nevertheless, Jurassic World shows that the theme park is actually doing well. In the trailer for Jurassic World the viewer sees that the park has been successful past its initial stages and now it allows ordinary civilians to pay and explore the park. The fact that Jurassic World utilizes a giant cruise ship to transport paying customers to the island where the theme park is located at shows that internationally Jurassic World has functioned well and has not yet faced the disasters that the previous movies faced. The scenes from the trailer that show two adolescents watch a giant sauropod without any supervision except for a mobile glass dome suggests that overtime the danger that the current dinosaurs in Jurassic World presented has either been severely lowered or has never presented itself by the present point of the film. The presence of a Mosasaurus feeding stadium indicates that Jurassic World has even had success producing and controlling giant, dangerous prehistoric creatures that at some point in the original films would eat most of the cast. Unfortunately later parts of Jurassic World's trailer shows that something eventually does go wrong. Mostly because of greed and the need to expand profits. At some point of the trailer it is flat-out stated that the scientists have genetically engineered an all-new dinosaur using a mix of the DNA of some of their more dangerous specimens. Inevitably the results of this experiment finds a way out and now everyone in Jurassic World is in danger. One could say that in-universe there had to be something that goes wrong in Jurassic World. Trying to make a super dinosaur because some rich higher-up thinks that will increase profits when there is an amusement park filled with dinosaurs is pretty greedy. So, despite trying to make a genetically engineered entity in an area that successfully created and restrained some very dangerous lifeforms, the new creature escapes and will obviously destroy everything.

In Summary

Jurassic World is a movie that takes the nostalgia of Jurassic Park and combines it with the advancement of modern times. That nostalgia however means that certain scientific discoveries made about dinosaurs recently have been ignored. But because the movie makes it clear that the current theme park utilizes the old theme park, some of that neglect to modern paleontology is somewhat justified. It also helps that technically all the dinosaurs in the movie are basically genetic chimera who are not an accurate representation of prehistoric life.


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    • Jake Peralta profile image

      Jake Michael Peralta 3 years ago from Indio, California

      More like while some scientific discoveries made in the real world were not present in the Jurassic World trailer, there may be an in-universe reason for that.

    • ValdyrGlory profile image

      CE Patrick 3 years ago from Atlanta

      I will be seeing it. But what you are that it isn't the same continuum as the original films? Well, I like Chris Pratt, so definitely gonna see it. Plus, its hard to pick up after T Rex is gone around somewhere in LA.