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Jurassic World Film Review

Updated on October 2, 2017

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Jurassic World is a 2015 film that is the sequel to the famed Jurassic Park series. The film is produced by the great Steven Spielberg and directed by Colin Trevorrow who is known for Safety Not Guaranteed and is set to direct Star Wars: Episode IX as well as the next Jurassic World Film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Jurassic World stars Chris Pratt as Owen Grady, Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire Dearing, Nick Robinson as Zach Mitchell, and Ty Simpkins as Gray Mitchell. The film is classified as sci-fi, action-adventure.


Jurassic World has two main story lines that end up tying together. There are the family issues that are going on with the Mitchell family. Gray Mitchell (Ty Simpkins) is the younger brother to Zach Mitchell (Nick Robinson). They go on a vacation to Jurassic World, an island that is like a zoo, but for dinosaurs, to visit their aunt Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard). Claire is the general manager of the theme park and makes sure all operations are running smoothly. She, however, has lost touch with what it means to be family and to love. In her efforts to make the park bigger and better, she allows the geneticists to create a new dinosaur, Indominus Rex. This dinosaur is not natural and it spliced together from other creatures to give it more advantages as a predator. Surprise! It gets out! So, Claire must deal with an escaped dinosaur with the help from Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) put it back in its cage, or kill it. Claire is also learning what it is to love, like when she was younger and less career focused, also with the help of Owen Grady.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the film, and that’s not just the massive dinosaur fan in me that’s talking. It was well done. The story is perfect for the summer blockbuster spot for which it was slotted. That being said, it had some seriously good performances. As with any blockbuster style film, it had a few lines that were poor (Owen Grady: That depends. Random Officer: On what? Grady: What they cooked up in that lab.”).

Act 1, as with any film, really sets the stage. It makes it painfully obvious that Claire is too career oriented, Gray Mitchell is a child that needs protection, Zach Mitchell is a typical teenage boy that is more focused on girls than school or family, and Owen Grady is just in tune enough with nature to be able to pull Claire out of her funk. There is the great Chekov’s gun in Act 1 with Owen Grady twice. First, he is working with a pack of raptors in a very formal training to make himself the Alpha of the pack, and second, he is working on his motorcycle the first time he and Claire have an interaction in the film.

Act 2 is when the boys, Zach and Gray Mitchell reach the island and meet up with Claire’s assistant. Claire, being too busy to meet her nephews, sends an assistant and is only able to actually talk to the boys for a brief interaction. This is where the main conflict is set up. The viewer sees Indominus escape its cage, through incredibly smart tactics. We see Owen use his high level of training from the Navy and his interaction with other dinosaurs, escape from being eaten by the Indominus. There is also the scene of the boys going on a ride where they can ride through a herd of dinosaurs to see how they interact with each other. During this ride, all attractions are closed and the boys are told to return to the entrance to get off the ride. No information is given to the guests about the Indominus escape, to prevent panic. The boys then, disobey the command and take the ride out into off-limits territory. This scene is where a major flaw in the system comes into play: the ride should have taken the boys back automatically, and the ride should not have worked outside of the fence. That aside, the boys are attacked by the Indominus and barely escape. This sets up Act 3. The boys are lost, Owen and Claire are having to work together, and the baddest dinosaur ever created is on the loose.

Act 3 is perfect for a summer blockbuster. There’s a big bad on the loose and all emotional issues are set aside for the sake of saving lives. It’s beautiful really. This is where most of the nostalgia is ramped up. The boys are running from the genetic anomaly and they come to the original building from Jurassic Park. The boys get to walk around the building, which is engrossed by nature, until they find where the most iconic Jurassic Park Jeeps are located. The boys are able to get one of the Jeeps up and running, so they drive off. Not long after that, Owen and Claire find the same building, and the issue here is that the Indominus Rex is chasing them now. They get to the Jeep garage and are attacked by the Indominus in a scene that pays homage to the scene with the T-Rex attacking the children in the first Jurassic Park film. Once everyone is reunited, after escaping the Indominus who had broken the aviary. There is a scene of utter chaos here, the pterodactyls are attacking the visitors of the park and the Indominus is headed there as well. It all seems hopeless. This sets up the climax of the film where the big confrontation happens. The military shows up to help get people off the island and contain the pterodactyls from getting off the island.

The only people left on the island at this point are Owen, Claire, Zach, and Gray. Owen has the power of being the alpha to a pack of velociraptors to help him fight the Indominus. This, of course, is not enough. Three of the four raptors end up dead, but Claire has a trick of her own. She gets the Tyrannosaurus Rex out of his cage to fight the Indominus for the true title of Rex. This is every dinosaur enthusiast’s dream: a big dino fight. It goes back and forth for a while. The T-Rex has the help of the Beta on the raptor pack, Owen calls her Blue, and this gives the two a slight upper-hand. Finally, the Indominus is about to deliver what would only be the killing blow, but the aquatic nightmare, the Mosasaur, jumped out of the water to clamp down on the Indominus. That gives the T-Rex the crown on the land, but it reminds people about the terrifying nature of what lies in the ocean.

Final Thoughts

The film ultimately was just fun. There were some incredibly corny lines dropped throughout the film, but it was well worth it. Chris Pratt performs well, the children are very convincing, Bryce Dallas Howard does a respectable job as well. The acting performances were no Oscar caliber jobs, but they were all done well. The CGI is amazing. It holds up well and is done well in comparison to the incredible effects from Jurassic Park. The camerawork is pretty well done as well. There seems to be no truly poorly done shots. Nothing is game-changing for film, but it does the job it set out to do.



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© 2017 Josh Whitworth


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