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Just A Little DC Universe Rant

Updated on August 8, 2016

I’ve been hiding from the DC universe problem for a while. Partly because comic book fans can be scary but also because I hadn’t actually seen Batman V Superman and the whole Wonder Woman thing bores me. But I can no long stay silent….so lets address these issues bit by bit.

  • Why oh why start a multi-film franchise in the middle? It’s lazy. You want to pull a Marvel? Put in the work! You gave us “Man of Steel” and THREE YEARS later, throw us into Batman V Superman. Now three years isn’t that long in the real world but for an audience? Well I spoke to many a comic fan that had forgotten about Henry Cavill and his début as Superman. So why jump straight back in….put down some ground work! Give us a chance to catch up with your vision! Nope. You jumped and you jumped hard.

  • If you want to give us another Batman, why not give him a feature? Superman got one….what do you have against Batman?! Possibly because your vision of Batman isn’t strong enough to carry his own film. There have been many Batman’s. Some good, some bad…..some very bad. But our most recent one came in the incredible package of Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan. Now I wont pretend that the trilogy was perfect, it had its faults. I for one have many issues with “Dark Knight”, however Nolan did what he set out to do. He gave us a Batman with a past, present and future. What good did you see from throwing another Batman at us halfway through his story? If Batman V Superman was intended to be his début why throw so much else into the plot. We can’t be invested in him and his failure/success.

  • Slow. The. Hell. Down. Now I have really wanted to make all these arguments without mentioning Marvel but alas I can’t (I think I’ve done pretty well though) so here it is. I understand the need to catch up. Marvel has been creating their universe since 2008, it has been incredibly successful and you want to jump on everyone’s growing fascination with cinematic universes. But the way to do it isn’t to wait three years between films and then churn out two a year for the foreseeable future…’s too much too soon. Maybe begin how Marvel did, it seemed to work. Really work on your characters and their stories instead of throwing them at us so you can jump into Justice League and its sequel ASAP.

  • Try being original! How about instead of giving us *another* Batman and *another* Joker, take advantage of your best asset….the ladies! I would pay good money to see a Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy buddy film. They kick ass in the comics and after the success of “Suicide Squad” (something that hasn’t been done before) I think people would be very receptive to another new team. Unfortunately, I’m just bored with Batman and especially Superman. As are many people. With The New 52 comic revamp happening maybe flip through some other DC stories and see what you can work with, because this just isn’t working.


Okay and breathe. I did warn you....thank you for listening to me rant (if you managed to stay with it till the end) and I would apologise however I really do believe that DC needs to step back and reevaluate.

We'll see what the future holds for the new DC Universe.


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