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Just a Point of View: Top 10 Game of Thrones Most Disappointing Deaths

Updated on June 18, 2019
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Demosthenis has written many movie and TV reviews for Greek websites. He really enjoyed 'La Casa de Papel'.

Ned Stark's death is still haunting my dreams!


Many people died in Game of Thrones. People, dragons, direwolves, our faith in the show (and humanity) during season 8 etc. George R.R.Martin created a blood-thirsty world where no one is safe and D&D took the message, even though the execution (sorry, I couldn't help myself!) wasn't always perfect. Ned Stark's death was shocking and brilliant (at a time when we were so naive to think that the main character of a show can't get killed in the first season ) and so was the Red Wedding. Not all Game of Thrones deaths, though, managed to hit the spot. As Arya did!


Spoiler alert, if you're longing to see the Night King's death on this list, well, you won't! Even though most people were disappointed by his death, I wasn't. I thought he was supposed to die during "The Long Night" and the execution (sorry, sorry!) was great, even though I wanted some more explaining about his plan and who he really was. Anyway, I believe there were a few other characters' deaths that deserve more to be on this list. Some died just for shock value, others died off-screen and there were a few that shouldn't have died at all! There are even a couple of deaths on this list that weren't disappointing at all and they actually were vital plot mechanisms on both the TV show and the books but, still, those deaths felt a bit off to me. To make a long story short, in this edition of "Just a Point of View" I am going to share my thoughts regarding those Game of Thrones characters that died in vain. Again, scroll down all you want, no Night King! Oh, and no dragons! As always, feel free to comment and please be polite and respectful. And without further ado...

What do we say to the God of Death?

Not today.

10. Brynden Tully "Blackfish" (portrayed by Clive Russell), Died in Season 6


I was a bit torn, regarding the tenth spot on this list, between Ray's and "Blackfish's" deaths. Do you even remember who's Ray? Probably not. Do you even remember that Ian McShane was in Game of Thrones? Maybe yes but not all of you. The character of Ray or Brother Ray appeared in just an episode and he was only there to reintroduce us the Hound. No one cared about Ray, even though he seemed to have an interesting background. But it's a shame that they signed a great actor like Ian McShane just for an episode. Still, this tenth spot belongs to Brynden Tully, aka. "The Blackfish". He also appeared in just a few episodes but he was an important character nevertheless, fierce, brave and wise and he was the uncle of Catelyn Stark and Lysa Arryn (and Edmure Tully but no one cares about Edmure Tully!). His background and the myth behind the man were more important than his actual presence in the show. He didn't deserve to die off-screen though, as part of the disappointing conclusion of Riverrun's Siege. They could and should have given him a more proper and honorable ON-SCREEN death!

9. Robert Baratheon (portrayed by Mark Addy), Died in Season 1


I totally understand that Robert Baratheon's death was a necessity to move the plot along. Bran falling from the tower and King Robert's death were probably the two most vital plot devices of the whole show. The king died and that led to the War of the Five Kings and of course, prior to that, to the shocking death of an unprotected and not fit to play the Game of Thrones, Ned Stark. It's not about the fact, it's about the way he died. Killed by a boar (actually killed by Cercei but that's not the point here!), one of the greatest warriors of all time. Maybe that was the whole point, to show us that he once was a great and brave man, but he became a terrible king and actually, a pathetic man and that was a fitting death for him. Besides, that's how he died in the books too. I have to admit though that I wanted King Robert's death to make me feel... something and I wanted to see a bit more of Mark Addy. The British actor is mostly known for comedy roles such as in "The Full Monty" and he showed some serious range here, his portrayal of Robert Baratheon was absolutely brilliant. R.I.P. King Robert. Oh and you were right about Daenerys all along!

8. Khal Drogo (portrayed by Jason Momoa), Died in Season 1


Almost everyone liked Khal Drogo, despite the fact that, contrary to what happened in the books, he raped Daenerys in the show. That's all on Jason Momoa and it's not even about his acting (he is a good actor though), it's about his physique and his presence and his voice, even though he doesn't talk much, it's about him being tall and strong and gorgeous (yes, a man can admit that another man is gorgeous!). He was a great choice to portray Khal Drogo. Hell, he was a great choice to portray Aquaman too, even though he looks nothing like Aquaman in the comics! Similar to how I felt about King Robert's death, I wasn't disappointed by the fact that he died. I was disappointed because of how he died. From a minor wound that got worse because Mirri Maz Duur, the witch who treated him, betrayed Daenerys. I understand that's what happened in the books too and it's not on D&D, it's on Martin. I also understand his death was a plot device to develop Daenerys' story. I just liked Khal Drogo and Jason Momoa so much that I wanted a more glorious exit for the character.

7. Missandei (portrayed by Nathalie Emmanuel), Died in Season 8


Missandei didn't die the way she died in the books and that's because, well, she hasn't died in the books yet! To be honest, I'm not so sure she is going to die in the books anyway! I always liked Missandei as a character and that's not only because she was so beautiful, a joy to watch or a loyal servant and even advisor to Daenerys, but mostly because she was a really strong woman with an interesting story and she was also a true friend to Daenerys. Furthermore, I liked her romance with Grey Worm. It was slowly and properly developed and I felt for them. But when the Mountain took off her head in that disgrace of an episode that was "The Last of The Starks", I felt nothing! That wasn't because of Nathalie Emmanuel's performance or the directing etc. The writing on this episode was so terrible that ruined that final scene and Missandei's death. Dracarys! To the writers!

6. Stannis Baratheon (portrayed by Stephen Dillane), Died in Season 5


Many book readers regard Stannis Baratheon as one their favourite characters. No one liked Stannis in the show, except for Davos and that was before he learned that he sacrificed his own daughter! We now know that Shireen is going to die this way in the books too and it's going to be shocking even though we know it exactly because Stannis isn't portrayed as such a cruel and unlikable man by Martin. To be fair, D&D did a great job adapting most of Martin's material and they even improved upon some characters but not Stannis! And what about his death? After he burned his own daughter and found out his wife killed herself he lost the battle against Ramsay (that was actually a bit poetic and satisfying) and he was wounded and then Brienne showed up and she raised Oathkeeper and then... Cut! I can't think of any particular reason why we didn't actually see Stannis die. Of any good reason anyway. Can you?

5. Jamie and Cercei Lannister (portrayed by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Lena Headey), Died in Season 8


I'm a bit conflicted regarding Jamie and Cercei's deaths. The scene itself was beautiful. It was well shot, the music was perfect and the actors did a great job. They didn't use the Valanqar prophecy in the series so it was proper for them to die holding each other. But something felt off. The emotion wasn't there. Was it because they kind of cancelled Jaimie's journey and his character development by having him go back to Cercei? Was it because Cercei is actually a guest character in Season 8? I don't know. What makes things even worse is the fact that in the next episode we see them being buried under just a few rocks! They literally could have moved a few feet away and they would have survived! That's really sloppy. I wasn't even sure if I should include their deaths on this list. I wasn't disappointed by the actual death scene. But I am sure that those two great characters, portrayed perfectly by two great actors, deserved something better.

4. Ser Barristan Selmy (portrayed by Ian McElhinney), Died in Season 5


I really hated this one. I mean his death. I really hated the way Ser Barristan died in season 5. To be honest, it's not only about the way, which was awful. He shouldn't have died anyway! It's not that he was one of my favourite characters. I never exactly cheered for him and that's on D&D, not Martin nor Ian McElhinney. Game of Thrones' Ser Barristan the Bold was supposed to be one of the greatest and most skilled knights that ever lived. His book counterpart is! Still, as I've mentioned in one of my previous articles, in the end he was just an old man that died in an alley. There was nothing glorious about his death. He didn't even actually die protecting his queen. He died because Benioff and Weiss didn't really know how to use him properly and they decided to just use him as an... intermediary between Jorah's and Tyrion's eras of counseling Daenerys and then they killed him off! That's a shame. He wasn't just supposed to be a powerful warrior anyway. He was supposed to be wise too and a father figure to Daenerys and someone to provide us with important info about the Mad King and Rhaegar and the old times. He had so much more to give...

3. Petyr Baelish "Littlefinger" (portrayed by Aidan Gillen), Died in Season 7


"Chaos is a laddaah"!!! One of Game of Thrones most recognizable quotes. Actually, a few of the best quotes of the show (and the books obviously) belong to Petyr Baelish, most commonly known as "Littlefinger". Of course telling quotes wasn't all he did. He was the Master of Coin in King's Landing and he was smart, devious, cunning, a character most Game of Thrones fans loved to hate! He was one of the most dangerous men of all Seven Kingdoms even though he was terrible with a sword! I don't actually think we ever saw him wielding one! Aidan Gillen did a great job portraying Littlefinger and D&D did a good job with the character as long as they followed the books! Then, guess what, they screwed it up! Petyr Baelish stopped being that smart and his plans stopped being that well-calculated and he ended up dying at the end of season 7 just for shock value! He died as a fool and a coward at the hands of Arya Stark. OK, the scene itself was a nice one. But he shouldn't have died this way. I'm quite certain he shouldn't have died at all. Up until to a point he was probably the best "player" of the "Game". Besides, cockroaches are supposed to die last...

2. Lord Varys (portrayed by Conleth Hill), Died in Season 8


Littlefinger's arch-nemesis, the mysterious, equally cunning, always luring in the shadows, Lord Varys, died in a similar, totally disappointing way to Peter Baelish. I was even more frustrated by his death, partly because I liked him more as a character, but mostly because he didn't even die for shock value at the end of a season, he merely died at the beginning of the penultimate episode of the series in order to make a last minute attempt to develop Daenerys into "the Mad Queen"! That was a shame and an undeserving ending for a character that was absolutely brilliant while the show followed Martin's material. He had his own agenda too, but unlike Littlefinger he wasn't pure evil, he was more mysterious and with one of the best backgrounds of the show and Conleth Hill had great chemistry with both Gillen and Dinklage, giving us some of the best scenes of the show. And he died like a fool. Burned by Drogon because he betrayed Daenerys by promoting Jon Snow for the throne. Of course, he was right about her. But who cares? Not Conleth Hill, who was clearly displeased with his character's ending and so were we.

1. Daenerys Targaryen (portrayed by Emilia Clarke), Died in Season 8


Oh, we've reached number 1! This is so difficult for me! I really hated the ending of Game of Thrones! I was never a true supporter of Daenerys' claim to the throne but I always felt she was a great character and even though there was some character development throughout the show indicating that she was going to be a tyrant, there were no actual clues that she was going to snap and start killing innocents, women and children and burning cities to the ground for no actual reason. Yes, she is going to become "the Mad Queen" in the books too! Hopefully, I'm actually pretty certain, there's going to be some proper character development leading to this. Emilia Clarke clearly felt awkward with the whole situation but she did all she could and her performance in season 8 is actually her best of the show! It's a shame the writing was so bad and rushed that when Jon Snow finally decided to do something it didn't feel surprising or emotional and shocking, it felt... nothing! And then, after Jon Snow had murdered the woman he loved in cold blood, Drogon showed up and punished... the throne!!! OK, I get the symbolism but still this is comedy, not the death scene of one of the protagonists of one of the greatest shows even made! For one last time in this article... shame...

Which was the most disappointing Game of Thrones death?

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