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Shrek 2

Updated on March 28, 2011

Just when you thought Shrek couldn't be better, it does something like this and totally blows you out of the water

Dreamworks reunites the cast along with some newcomers to create a great sequel. The film basically picks up where the last movie left off where Shrek and Fiona are on their honeymoon together, "living happily ever after." However, that happiness is short lived when Fiona takes Shrek to meet her family. Now, I'm pretty sure a lot of married folk can understand how the in-laws can be at times. However, in this film, Fioana's father, the king (Jon Cleese), arranges to have to have Shrek killed by Puss in boots (Antonio Banderas) while fixing it to where Fiona can fall in love with Prince Charming. Oh yeah, with family like that, you don't need any enemies. The level of animation in this film is raised to a whole new level in terms of detail and as expected the actors are in top form. "Shrek 2" is a great sequel that surpasses the original in every way.

The actors in this film do a great job dishing out the laughs. In one scene, it has the audience laughing when Shrek and donkey fight Puss in boots; then in another when donkey says, "Now we're sexy!" I thought after the first film that Dreamworks couldn't possibly make Shrek funnier, but I was glad to be proven wrong in this case.

What really makes the film even funnier is the storyline. It doesn't take itself as seriously this time because most of the viewers are familiar with most of these character, so Dreamworks is able to take it even further, like Pixar's "Toy Story 2," to turn it more into spoof.

Even the level of animation is raised. However, most people probably won't even notice, but the film animation in the hair of and people animation is a lot better than the original by making them seem more life like than artificial.

Dreamworks and crew does a great job to create this sequel with great animation and acting. "Shrek 2" is definitely a great film to watch.


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